There is a saying that home is the person or place you want to return to over and over again.

In a land-scarce city like Singapore, home comes in a the form of a HDB flat, condominium or for some, landed property or perhaps even a bungalow.

However, did you know that Singapore is also home to some of the most breathtakingly-huge and rare houses?

Here are three of these stately residences that are indisputably the gems of Singapore property.

1. The Screen House – K2LD Architects

Situated just beside the zigzag house in Singapore is this unique contemporary residence, also known as The Screen House.

The striking features of the house are the use of various geometrical elements: a linear block and a curvilinear pavilion that is elevated above the prevailing shared gardens.


The use of parallel lines and smooth textures around the house creates the illusion of wide and comfortable spaces.

Additionally, the use of timber screens along the linear block allows the rooms to breathe while providing the necessary privacy for the homeowners.


The architectural element that clearly stands out is the curved pavilion located midway between the house.


Likewise, the use of wooden panels reflects the strategy of blending in with nature as it overlooks that trees and garden in the property.

Given the structure and location of the curved pavilion, the swimming pool takes a unique shape, maximising the available space.


Given that most of the living quarters and swimming pool are somewhat reclined deep within the landscape of the house, it has been dubbed as achieving the act of “disappearance”, by providing privacy to both the homeowners and their neighbours.

2. JKC2 House – ONG&ONG Pte Ltd

Luxury is clearly evident in every part of this house, which also known as JKC2 House by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd. Despite its rather lacklustre name, the luxurious residence in Bukit Timah comprises of three structures that border a spacious courtyard.


However, it is not an ordinary courtyard, but one that boasts an inviting and serene pool.


The linear architecture of this opulent home, together with the use of raw-finished materials such as stone, steel and tropical wood, strikes a perfect harmony between the sprawling house and its natural surroundings.


While each wing of the residence is seemingly distinct, they are all connected by a wooden-slated overhang which also provides shade to the bottom level of the house. The interior and exterior of the house are meant to blend seamlessly with each other with the presence of sliding doors.

The lap pool that extends to the stairs and into the green surroundings evokes the feeling of overlooking a blue-green sea. With a single tree centrally placed as the focal point, its creates the ambience of a tropical paradise within the residence.


A distinctive balance is struck between the man-made spaces of this luxurious residence and its natural lush surroundings.

The use of basic elemental shapes such as its container structures, coupled with the usage of clear glass, fair-faced concrete and stone materials convey sense of warmth both within and outside the house.

3. Butterfly House – ARC Studio

Situated along the affluent, palm-lined street of White House Park at Bukit Timah sits a gleaming, intriguing-looking puzzle of a house.

The theme of the house is set to resemble a futuristic butterfly perched on a tower of lily pads.

Or as the owners prefer to see it, as “a spaceship that has landed in the neighbourhood, but with rectilinear rooms.”


The light-filled spirals in the middle of the house reflects the insect’s body.

And its “wings” are the five crystalline pods that fan out over large terraces at the side of the spiral spine.

Each of the pods boasts a unique shape and is essentially the homeowners’ living quarters, for eating, sleeping, relaxing etc.


Usage of the curvaceous details together with the sweeping staircase within the house allows these pods to blend seamlessly together.

This carefully-thought detail expresses the idea of coming together as one. Each individual living in the house has its own personality but comes together as one, like a couple.


Given the humid weather of Singapore’s climate, the upper pods open up to the pools below to create a feeling of vastness. Furthermore, the house’s unique structure demanded painstaking attention to every detail.

Every single piece of tile, glass and aluminium padding has to follow a certain template and was all custom-made. Additionally, the curvilinear staircase was laser-cut from thick pieces of steel, welded together and hand-polished.

This unique house clearly reflects the seamless integration of defined geometries and fluid lines and curves.

Final thoughts

These houses are undeniably the gems of Singapore property. Each of these stately residences is clearly the pinnacle of living. Imagine extravagant living spaces coupled with expansive open spaces and natural surrounding greenery.

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