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When it comes to this special day, Valentine’s Day flowers are almost a must for the occasion. Nevermind roses, there are so many different blooms out there with a spirit of their own–dainty and pure, or vibrant and loud–to match your special relationship.

Whether you’re a flower veteran, or completely clueless, we’ve handpicked some of the classiest and prettiest Valentine’s Day flowers/ bouquets.

Here are 10 gorgeous Valentine’s Day blooms almost as beautiful as the special someone you’ll be giving them to!

1. Ladurée Red Bloom Box

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s why The Floral Ateliers took on the classic red rose arrangement this Valentine’s Day–but made it even better.

Its V-day collection features its signature bloom box, set with deep red roses perfectly arranged in a spherical dome.

Image credit: The Floral Atelier

Packaged in a timeless style, this bouquet is paired with four pieces of exquisite Ladurée macarons, for the sweetest accompaniment.

All the flowers are hand picked for exceptional freshness and hand delivered, all on the same day.

The Floral Atelier
Address: 40 Eng Hoon Street Singapore 169784
Open: Sunday-Monday 10am to 3pm, Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 7pm
Tel: 8869 2830
Email: [email protected]
Price: $230 (Ladurée Red Bloom Box)

2. One More Time

In this masterpiece by The Bloom Room, a single stalk of snow white hydrangea, symbolising the purity of your love, features front and centre.

It’s flanked by calla lilies, spray roses, matthiolas and eustomas–all elegantly wrapped in forest green paper and tied with matching satin ribbons.  

Image credit: The Bloom Room

This beautifully wrapped bouquet, rife of exotic flowers quintessentially offers your loved one a work of art like no other. It’s a sure bet for another lovely date to happen one more time.

The Bloom Room
Address: 315 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427566
11th Feb (Sat): 10am-6pm
12th Feb (Sun): 10am-3pm
13-14th Feb (Mon-Tues): 10am-6pm
Tel: 6447 0217
Email: [email protected]
Price: $225 (One More Time); islandwide delivery at $15/trip

3. When There Is Love

Maybe your sweetheart is one to scoff at flowers for being purely ornamental. In that case, this refreshing alternative might be it!

hello flowers! has designed a fearless and organic bouquet specially for this Valentine’s Day.

It features succulents peppered with fluffy cotton plants, blue thistles and the classic pink roses for a traditional touch.

Image credit: hello flowers!

Your date can replant the succulents to make cute home and office decor that will remind them of you through the day.

This bouquet is proof enough that flowers have the soul and spirit to motivate, inspire and to cheer. Indeed, when there is love, there is life.

hello flowers!
Where: 53 Chin Swee Rd, Singapore 160053
Tel: 9729 5207
Email: [email protected]
Price: From $128 (When There Is Love)

4. Champagne

This has to be the classiest option so far.

Floral Garage’s Champagne bouquet features 12 elegant and beautiful Champagne Roses timelessly wrapped in brown craft paper, to say “Be Mine” this Valentine’s Day.

Image credit: Floral Garage Singapore

These Champagne Roses are bred in a pure Champagne colour, unlike the normal tacky orangey ones, so you’ll be giving only the best to your best.

Present this to your loved one at your favourite bar, and complement with a glass of bubbly, for a date night you both won’t forget!

Floral Garage Singapore
Where: 756 Upper Serangoon Road, #03-34, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore 534626
Open: 10am to 6pm
Tel: 9387 8871 / 6282 2185
Email: [email protected]
Price: $108 (Champagne)

5. NO. 5

Yup, that’s the name of this luxurious bouquet with character.

This number by Poppy Flora & Nature Studio was created as a muse, in conjunction with one of the world’s leading brand, Chanel. 

Image credit: Poppy Flora & Nature Studio

Just like the legendary perfume, this bouquet showcases a classic with a twist. There is ultimate femininity in the variants of pink roses, but yet the arrangement is modern, free-spirited and vibrant.

Poppy Flora & Nature Studio
Where: #01-03, 3 Park Lane Seletar, The Summerhouse, Singapore 798387
Open: Every Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 7pm
Tel: 6225 8496
Email: [email protected]
Price: From $145 (NO. 5)

6. The Notebook

Sorry, we just had to include another red rose bouquet to this list.

But just look at Beato’s 36 stalks of deep red roses, so effortlessly yet elegantly paper wrapped, and you’ll understand why.

Image credit: Beato

After all, what’s Valentine’s Day without the classic The Notebook-esque style red roses?

This number signifies how head over heels in love you are, and that you’ll remember all your romantic moments together.

It’s extravagant, we’ll admit, but oh, so romantic.

9 Jalan Bingka Singapore 588905
Tel: 8338 1308
Email: [email protected]

7. Sunny Side Up

This one’s perfect for the couple who loves the sunshine, who wakes up bright and early for a hearty breakfast together.

This ever-cheerful bouquet from With Every Bloom’s is sure to make your sweetheart smile as bright as the sun!

Image credit: With Every Bloom

It features splashes of light coloured roses with sun-loving daisies in a wild garden of a bouquet. If your sweetheart is your sunshine and being with them brings you cheer and joy, you can’t skip this one.

With Every Bloom
Where: 39 Ubi Road 1 #01-08, World Publications Building, Singapore 408695
Open: Mondays to Fridays 10am – 6pm; Saturdays 10am – 12pm; Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
Email: [email protected]
Price: From $130 (Sunny Side Up)

8. One Day With You

Wouldn’t you rather spend one day with your loved one than a thousand elsewhere? Don’t miss your chance to tell them this 14 February, with this captivating Valentine’s Day bouquet by Xpress Flower.

Image credit: Xpress Flower

How sweet is this bouquet featuring 18 pink tulip stalks, with a smattering of frosty leaves and purple?

Tulips signify an enduring and undying love between partners. The pink hues express happiness and warmth–exactly how you feel inside when you’re with your sweetheart.

Xpress Flower
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #B2-67 S238839
Open: 10am to 10pm
Tel: 6262 3031
And other outlets all over Singapore
Price: $227.40 (One Day With You)

9. Baby’s Breath

Showing them you love them doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank. We know, it’s hard enough saving up for your future together as it is.

This valentine’s Day, Mirage Flower’s playful display of purity and innocence in this sweet bouquet shows us the beauty of simplicity without compromising on quality.

Image credit: Mirage Flowers

Thousands of tiny moments bundled together reflect your collection of memories together all this time, just like the countless stars in the universe.

Customise your bouquet with white, pink, purple, orange, blue and green stalks of Baby’s Breath. They require minimal maintenance and retain their look even as dried flowers. This is bound to take her breath away.

Mirage Flowers
Floral Cove @ Marina Mandarin Level 4
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, 039594
Weekdays 9am to 6pm

Retail Boutique @ The Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue #01-45
Daily 9am to 10pm
Tel: 6334 9249
Email: [email protected]
Price: $75 (Baby’s Breath)

10. Tropical Sunset

Chances are, you’ll be ending off your romantic Valentine’s Day on a quiet evening stroll together against the setting sun.

In that case, this bespoke bucket by Bucket Full of Roses is perfect for the situation.

Image credit: Bucket Full of Roses

It encompasses a palette of the tropical sunset–blue hues, warm tones and accents of green. The sweetest ending to your Valentine’s Day evening.

Bucket Full of Roses
Email: [email protected]

Never underestimate the power of a beautifully pieced together bouquet of flowers when it comes to enchanting your date. There’s a reason why flowers have always been so inseparable from expression of love for centuries.

Most of these bouquets were specially created for this Valentine’s Day and won’t be available after, so don’t miss out! We’d suggest pre-ordering as early as possible to avoid the last minute rush.

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