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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes the reminder that the single ones of us are, well, single AF. Whether you haven’t had much luck in the love department lately or are single by choice—which let’s admit, most of us are—, Valentine’s Day has a way of getting to even the best, most fiercely independent ones of us.

While Valentine’s Day can be absolute torture for those of us without someone special to spend the occasion with, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some parties and options you should definitely check out that will have you feeling a lot less sorry about being single on Valentine’s.

1. Let Your Heart Go Loco At Lucha Loco

Lucha Loco Facebook

Single and ready to mingle? Lucha Loco’s Hearts Go Loco is the place to be! The Mexican joint sees a huge turnout year after year at its annual anti-Valentine’s party and this year is likely to be no different.

For the bold and the daring, step up to the kissing booth and lock lips with a stranger. Complimentary tequila shots will be on hand to give you that extra bit of liquid courage if you need it! For those fresh out of a crappy relationship, bring along a photo of your ex and pin it onto one of the piñatas provided. Unleash the full force of your rage upon it and you’ll feel so much better after! And if you’re out to find love, snap a polaroid of yourself and stick it on the love board. By the end of the night, who knows? Love just might come calling—or texting.

Lucha Loco
Where: 15 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089598
When: 14 February 8pm – late
Admission: Free

2. Party The Night Away At Valentine Vendetta

Valentine Vendetta Facebook

See yourself partying the night away come Valentine’s Day? And why shouldn’t you! Own your single status and mingle with other eligible singles like yourself. Back for its 6th year, award-winning Valentine Vendetta is THE singles party of the year.

Happening at Skyline Club & Lounge on the 45th floor of Singapore Land Tower, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the gorgeous Singapore skyline. This year, the theme is masquerade, so come masked to give yourself that added bit of mystery. With ice-breakers and games designed to let you meet other singles, you might just leave the party with someone special on your arm!

Skyline Club & Lounge
Where: Level 45, Singapore Land Tower
When: 14 February 6pm – 1am
Admission: Online pre-sale (includes 2 drinks): $35; At the door: $45 (includes 2 drinks)
Refer here for table packages.

3. Keep Things Chill at Timbre @ The Substation

53A Facebook

If a wild night out isn’t quite your speed, head down to Timbre for their version of Anti-Valentine’s Day. A low-key affair with all the things we’ve come to love and expect from Timbre—great food, great drinks and great musical company in the form of 53A—it’s perfect for those who just want to chill out with friends and get away from the flowers, the overpriced dinner sets, and all the lovey dovey nonsense that’s going on everywhere else. Drink promos will also be available for that day only!

While you’re there, share exactly why you think Valentine’s Day is the absolute worst on the Wall Of Heartbreak—it just might win you a free bucket of beer! All the better to help you drink your Valentine’s Day-related sorrows away.

Timbre @ The Substation
Where: 45 Armenian Street
When: 14 February, 8.30pm
Admission: Free

4. Claim Insurance For Your Heartbreak

Insurance Market

Dreading heartbreak this Valentine’s? Claim insurance. No, we’re not kidding. The people at Insurance Market, an online insurance brokerage, have designed two heartbreak policies to tide you through a rough Valentine’s: The Break-Up Policy and the Unrequited Love Policy.

Whether your partner dumps you the one day a year we celebrate love (*cough* JERK *cough*) or you confess your feelings only to find them unreciprocated, you get to make a claim and come out of the ordeal with two free movie tickets. Take your best friend, your sibling or even your mum and forget the ones who can’t see you for the gem that you are!

As with all insurance policies, you’ll have to apply for the policy in advance—that means signing up for it ahead of Valentine’s Day, if you want to make a claim on 14th Feb. To claim your Broken Heart Insurance, simply submit your heartbreak story between 12pm – 6pm on Valentine’s Day and you’ll receive your tickets between 15 – 17 Feb. Because payout is limited to 150 pairs, remember to pick yourself up quickly and make your claim!

Where: Insurance Market
When: 14 February, 12pm – 6pm

5. Find Your Tribe On The Meetup App


Even though its name seems to suggest it, Meetup is not a dating app. If love comes out of it, that’s simply a bonus! Originally intended to bring like-minded individuals together, there’s a group (or ten) for everyone, whether your interest lies in board games or badminton!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure there will be single groups on there making plans to meet, so why not join in on the fun? Alternatively, find any group you like and spend your Valentine’s with them instead! Even if love doesn’t come out of it, we’re sure plenty of friendships will and sometimes, that’s actually even better.

Being single on Valentine’s Day can really, really suck, but take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one. Instead of moping around the house lamenting the fact that you’re all alone, get out there and have a great time! Don’t let you get in your way.

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