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As mankind increasingly becomes more adept at using technology to solve problems, it is evident that we are quite interested in making certain things skinnier and other things bigger.

For example, television and mobile phone screens have become bigger. Some smartphones have screens the size of tablet devices! But for everything else, downsizing on thickness seems to be the goal.

Here are six products so thin they will make you feel like you’re the one who needs a diet:

Super thin laptop

In today’s day and age, work doesn’t stop at your desk. Often, it follows you around and appears in the form of emails and spreadsheets waiting to be looked at. If you have to carry around a laptop for work, school or even travel, why not go for something thin and practically weightless?

Image Credit: HP
Image Credit: HP

Laptops are so thin and light nowadays that they look perfectly chic. You could throw it into a purse and not have to worry about lugging it around in a huge, bulky computer bag! Finally, you’ll be the envy of all your friends while you pretend that you’re not browsing SGAG or watching Wah!Banana on YouTube.

Super thin Oreo

Call us purists but we are still not convinced that Oreo Thins, which entered the market in 2015, are any better than the thicker, original Oreos.



A plus point? You can probably pop the whole thing in your mouth during class or meeting without anyone noticing. Sans the chewing, of course.

Super thin condom

When asked to use a condom during sex, some men might use the excuse that the rubber makes intercourse feel less pleasurable, given that it is thick and reduces the sensation.

Well, that is no reason to not use protection and have safe sex, which translate to preventing unwanted pregnancies and the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


Thanks to Durex, thin condoms are a dime a dozen these days. One particular condom you can try out if the thickness of the condom is an issue is the Durex Fetherlite brand, which touts greater sensitivity.

With such thinness, this condom will enhance sexual pleasure while keeping both parties protected.

Super thin watch

Watches used to be clunky, thick, and cool. Who remembers the good old Casio, G-Shock, and Baby-G watches that came with a variety of cool features and buttons? Some watches even doubled up as calculators!

However, watches nowadays have gotten so thin, they’re probably no thicker than our 20cent coin.

Super thin tracking device

If you’re a scatterbrain, and have to resort to asking your friends and family 12 times a day if they have seen your keys/wallet/phone, try Tile, a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device.


While it used to be a little bit chunkier, Tile has since remodelled its tracking device to fit most wallets and laptops! Its slimmer version, aptly named Tile Slim, weighs 9.3 grams and is only 2.44mm thick.

P.S. Do not try and stick this onto your significant other in order to track their location!

Super thin e-book reader

The great thing about e-book readers is that you can have all the books in the world at your fingertips without needing to carry them all in your backpack. The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the company’s thinnest and lightest e-book reader available, with a thickness of 3.4 mm to 8.5 mm depending on the point of measurement.

With such a thin Kindle, you can now read on the MRT without infringing on your fellow commuter’s space!

All that said, there is still something about thick novels and fat wallets that exude old-school charm. Did we miss out anything that is so thin, it would make you feel fat? Let us know!

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