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In the 1900s, the first cocktail with a local twist was born: the Singapore Sling. Fast forward 100+ years later, and we are seeing a new wave of locally inspired cocktails handcrafted all over bars in Singapore! 

These unconventional concoctions are the genius works of Singaporean bartenders who have delved deep into their roots to create drinks that capture different aspects of Singapore. Kudos to these guys who’ve created some amazing drinks out of flavours and elements that hit so close to home!

Without further ado, here’s our guide to 10 uniquely Singaporean cocktails you can’t find anywhere else in the world!

1. The Red Ruby – Hopscotch Bar

Kicking off this list is The Red Ruby, a crowd favourite at Hopscotch, a craft cocktail bar tucked away in the colonial Red Dot Traffic Building.

red ruby
Red Ruby ($22), Image Credit:

Topped with an Ang Ku Kueh Agar Agar, the Red Ruby will definitely get people looking over. The drink is a mixture of homemade coconut sorbet, Angostura Light Rum, and pandan syrup. A coconut-y cocktail that doubles as a dessert, this drink is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Address: 28 Maxwell Rd, #01-04 Red Dot Traffic Building, Singapore 069120
Contact: 6327 4820
Opening hours: Daily, 4pm-1am

2. Laksa Cocktail – Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall

Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall is a hidden speakeasy with limited seating. Here, they make almost every syrup and ingredient from scratch, and boast a wide variety of cocktails with a local flair.


One of their most unique drinks is the Laksa Cocktail. Made with shrimp vodka, lime juice and laksa syrup for spice, it was paired with some dim sum on the side. Slightly aromatic and frothy, this is an interesting cocktail take on the traditional laksa.


Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall
Address: 60A Boat Quay, S049848
Contact: 6535 0838
Opening hours: Mon to Thu, 6pm – 12am; Fri & Sat, 6pm – 3am

3. Raspberry Milo Moonshine – The Secret Mermaid

By day, this space operates as an unassuming Shinkansen, a Japanese Salad Bar, in the CBD. But once dusk falls, it transforms into The Secret Mermaid.

moonshine milo
Milo Moonshine ($15), Image Credit:

Here, they serve Milo Moonshine which is essentially an alcoholic Milo peng. This grown-up version of our favourite childhood drink is infused with dehydrated raspberries and made with distilled moonshine spirit, milo powder, water and corn whisky.

Topped with sticks of Pocky, this drink is perfect for all who are young at heart!

The Secret Mermaid
Address: 10 Collyer Quay, #B1-08, Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315
Contact: 6535 0838
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 5pm – 11pm, Sat to Sun: Closed

4. Prawn Noodle Cocktail – Kuvo

Located in the heart of Orchard road, Kuvo, which means ‘blend’ in French, offers a fusion of flavours through their food and beverages.

Pretty much an alcoholic version of the well-loved prawn noodle soup, Kuvo’s Prawn Noodle Cocktail mirrors the dish as a savoury and warm cocktail.  

prawn noodle cocktail
Prawn Noodle Cocktail ($20), Image Credit:

With Kuvo’s signature prawn broth as a base, other ingredients in this concoction include balsamic vinegar, lemon peel, thyme, sea salt and sesame oil.

Address: 321 Orchard Road, #02-01 S238866
Contact: 6733 8272
Opening hours: Mon to Thu, 12pm – 1am; Fri & Sat, 12pm – 2am; Sun 12pm – 1am

5. Mr. Bean – Jekyll & Hyde

Made from the popular Lao Ban tau huay, this beancurd cocktail is Jekyll & Hyde’s signature drink. A creamy, sweet cross between dessert and drink, this drink consists of butterscotch liqeuer, kaya, frangelico, vodka and of course, beancurd.

tauhuay cocktail
Mr. Bean ($23), Image Credit:

Served in an old school ceramic Chinese tea cup, this sweet and creamy beverage is definitely eye-catching!

Jekyll & Hyde
Address: 49 Tras Street, Singapore 078988
Contact: 6222 3349
Opening hours: Mon to Thu, 6pm – 1am; Fri & Sat,6pm – 2am

6. Tomyum Martini – Maison Ikkoku Bar

Also known for it’s cafe of the same name, Maison Ikkoku Bar is situated right above it. There, amidst the cosy chic vibe going on, you will find their gutsy Tomyum Martini.

A concoction leaning on the savoury side with salty, sour and peppery notes, it has a lingering spiciness that may prove too exotic for some.

tomyum martini
Tomyum Martini ($28), Image Credit:

A drink that’s not for the faint of heart (or tongue!), the drink contains vodka that’s been infused with jalapenos and is shaken with lemongrass, a variety of peppers and tabasco. You might want to have a glass of water close by when attempting this drink!

Maison Ikkoku
Address: 20 Kandahar St, 1F, Singapore 198885
Contact: 6294 0078
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday – 4pm to 1am, Friday to Saturday and PH Eve – 4pm to 2am

7. Pipagao Cocktail – Ding Dong

Pipagao is a traditional Chinese medicine many of us have taken at some point in our lives to relieve a cough or sore throat.

Who would have thought to turn it into an alcoholic drink? Well, the guys at Ding Dong did, which is why the Pipagao Cocktail now exists.

Pipagao ($22), Image Credit:

Containing whisky, aged rum, pipagao syrup, calamansi, angostura and Peychaud’s bitters, the drink has a soothing element to it. With a minty pipagao finish, it’s definitely an interesting one that pipagao lovers would gravitate to.

Ding Dong
Address: 23 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069703
Contact: 6884 6884
Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 12am; Sat, 6pm – 12am

8. Kaya Toast Cocktail – Bitters and Love

A play on a local breakfast favourite, Bitters and Love’s Kaya Toast Cocktail is fittingly served in a kaya jam jar.

kaya toast cocktail
Kaya Toast Cocktail ($23), Image Credit:

This sweet and refreshing drink even comes with a dollop of kaya jam on plain white bread!

Created with english breakfast tea, Mount Gay Rum, peach liqueur, honey, fresh lemon juice, egg white and more kaya jam, this local breakfast dessert is certainly a unique way to end your day!

Bitters and Love
Address: 118 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068587
Contact: 6438 1836
Opening hours: Mon to Thu: 6pm – 12am, Fri to Sat: 6pm – 2am

9. Singapore Sazerac – The Warehouse Hotel Bar

The newly opened Warehouse Hotel has an unmistakable slant towards Asian/Singaporean influences. This is clearly reflected especially in the hotel’s lobby bar, where they serve a unique Singapore Sazerac.
Singapore Sazerac ($20), Image Credit:

This rustic drink throws back to the time where the warehouse played an instrumental role in Singapore’s booming spice trade. Ingredients include a mix of spices, raisin bourbon, pandan bitters, rye, cognac, and absinthe. You can expect a kick from this cocktail!

The Warehouse Hotel Bar
Address: 320 Havelock Road, Robertson Quay, Singapore 169628
Contact: 6828 0000
Opening hours: Daily, 7am-11.30pm

10. Kopi Cat – Loof

Loof, which affectionately pokes fun at the Singaporean pronunciation of ‘roof’, is a casual rooftop bar steeped in 90’s Singapore nostalgia. With a food and drink menu that gives off a distinctively local vibe, one of the must-tries here is The Kopi Cat.

kopi cat
Kopi Cat ($19), Image Credit:

Essentially a fancy, alcoholic kopi peng, it contains salted caramel-infused black salt vodka, coffee, hazelnut and condensed milk. This drink will keep you going all night! To top it off, it’s also brilliantly served in an old-school enamel cup.

Address: 331 North Bridge Road, #03-07, Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop, Singapore 188720
Contact: 6337 9416
Opening hours: Mon to Thurs, 5pm – 1am; Fri to Sat, 5pm – 2am

The next time you head out with your friends for drinks, why not mix things up by ordering some of these uniquely Singaporean cocktails instead! Who knows, you just might find your new go-to cocktail!