These Innovative Kickstarter Products Show That S'poreans Have Brilliant Ideas Too

Ever since crowdfunding website Kickstarter started, ordinary people with great ideas but without the budget to bring them to life have found the perfect way to do so.

Today, we highlight some refreshing and innovative Singaporean Kickstarter products that will not only make your eyes pop, you will also want to shell out money to get your hands on them!

1. KIN Wallet

KIN Wallet Innovative Kickstarter product
Image Credit: TODAY

Most of the time, we receive our change in a mix of notes and coins which we then have to manually separate into their respective compartments in our wallets.

But why go through the hassle when you can just dump everything into one compartment? A group of young Singaporean industrial designers were struck with this epiphany and from there, KIN was born.

This simple, sleek and beautifully made wallet comes in three colours to add a splash of fun to your life.

We like that it is water resistant and slim, so you don’t have that ugly bulge when you carry your wallet around in your pocket!

Cost: $47

2. WeatherHYDE

Innovative WeatherHYDE tent
Image Credit: billionBricks

Ashton Kutcher described WeatherHYDE as “innovation at its finest”.

Indeed, this fully insulated, lightweight tent is a powerful tool that has the potential to save the lives of the homeless and vulnerable living in extreme weather.

One of the key features of the tent is its triple layer skin. It blocks light, thus eradicating any embarrassing shadows and making it women-friendly. The fact that the tent is fully enclosed also gives its inhabitants maximum privacy.

Additionally, the tent will only take a person 15 mins to install, without any tools!

Non-profit organisation billionBricks has already launched WeatherHYDE’s first pilot test in Delhi, India in 2016, giving homeless individuals their first homes. We foresee many more organisations following suit when they realise how useful this invention is.



LIMPEH Says Singapore card game
Image Credit: Zyrup

Morally wrong but politically correct.

According to the game’s creators, this is the ideology behind this 18 and above only card game.

To say the game is tongue-in-cheek is an understatement. There is some seriously saucy content within these cards, all in the name of fun.

Playing the game is easy. For every round, one player, a.k.a the “Limpeh”, draws a Red Card. The rest of the players will answer the question posed in the card with their best White Card. The questions range from food, National Service to something as vague as “what do I think about to calm down?”. The Limpeh will then choose the funniest card combination as the winner.


4. GIY Stick

GIY Stick Singaporean invention
Image Credit: Index Design to improve life

GIY Stick, also known as Grow-It-Yourself Stick, is a nifty example of how inventions can lend Mother Nature a hand.

The inventor, 13-year-old Dylan Soh, created the Stick with his father to help people keep their plants hydrated. Their method is easy peasy. Users thread a piece of cloth through the GIY stick, all the way into the plastic bottle. Fill the bottle and stick it into the pot. Voila! You now have a self-watering plant.

What we like best about this invention is that it encourages recycling – you can reuse any plastic bottle you have, instead of disposing of them. Additionally, you can see how much water the plant consumes, and refill the bottle as necessary. You do this through the cap which also prevents mosquitoes from breeding!

The GIY Stick works by using the fabric in the bottle as a wick to bring water from the bottle into the bottom of the soil through capillary action.

This project has garnered great traction thus far, with 873 backers pledging a total of S$ 35,807 to bring this nifty device to life. Even renowned soccer player Eric Cantona has given it his vote of confidence.



XUBE kickstarter
Image Credit: Kickstarter

Showering after a tiring gym session can be a chore. This is especially so when you have to bend down and fumble around for your shampoo and bodywash products.

With XUBE, the inventor aims to solve this problem.

XUBE is a portable and sleek toiletries dispenser that unrolls and sticks to any smooth surface. Simply fill it with your shower products and you can start using it at your comfort!


6.  INNI Nails

INNI Nails customisable nail art
Image Credit: Kickstarter

This last product on our list is a dream innovation for women – imagine creating a one-of-a-kind nail design in the comfort of your own home!

This special software allows you to upload any image from your computer or the Internet, and use brushes and gradient tools to create a unique nail design. One user even created an eye-catching nail art design using her family photos!

However, if design is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can select from existing designs on the INNI Nail Studio program.


Kudos to the brilliant inventors who created all these amazing Kickstarter products! Who knew so many of these little things we’ve grown accustomed to doing everyday like watering plants and sorting cash could be eliminated with just a little bit of creativity?

We certainly hope we can look forward to more innovative products from these creators!

(Top Image Credit: Kickstarter)

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