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He is nice, loving and remembers all the little things about you – right down to which zichar dishes are your favourite.

You have good feeling about this guy, but he is the ONE?

Here are some signs to help you recognise if your man is a keeper.

1. He is observant and puts your needs before his

Perhaps you are having your period and down with really bad cramps. He immediately heads to the nearest 7/11 and picks up some essentials for you. At the same time, he makes you a cup of milo and sits by you to make sure you are okay.


A Singaporean man who is not embarrassed to pick up tampons or pads is a man who is willing to put aside his ego for you.

2. He constantly surprises you with small random acts of affection

You’ve had a bad day at school or work. When you head home, the first thing you see is a little note and your favourite treats – whether they’re cheese tarts or takeaway bingsu. He spent money and time queuing to surprise you and make you day.


Or perhaps just as you are about to head out to meet him for a date, he suddenly appears with a bouquet of flowers. A man who surprises you with small random acts of affection is certainly a keeper.

3. He helps around the house

If a man is paying attention, he will quickly notice which household chores you absolutely dislike. It could be taking out the trash, or washing the dishes.


Either way, if he takes the initiative to help with the household chores, you can be sure that he is definitely willing to stick around.

4. He wants to impress your parents

Every man knows that in order to truly “make the cut” and seal the relationship, it requires the family’s nod of approval.


If he treats your family as his own and plays an active part during family gatherings, this reflects his keen interest in your life.

5. He is not intimidated by your achievements and goals

A man who is worth keeping is secure about himself and not intimidated by your success. He will praise you for every achievement, regardless of big or small, and will be there to support and pick you up if you fall.


Your success makes him feel proud and he will want to share the joys with you.

6. He talks to you about safe sex and is willing to use protection

When it comes to the intimate moments, he is willing to have an open conversation with you about sexual health and family planning. He respects your decisions such as using a Durex, and will not hesitate to be the one buying them.


This shows that he takes responsibility for both his and your health and is a supportive partner as well.

7. He remembers all the little things

Any guy who remembers the little things, such as how you hate having spring onions on your soup, is worth hanging on to.


If he remembers these little things such as your preferences and what you say and do, he will definitely not ignore the things that are important to you.

8. He gets along well with your friends

A man who is into you will not mind hanging out with your friends and will actively try to get to know them as well.


Furthermore, if he has no qualms hanging out with both your male and female friends, it is a sure sign he is a keeper.

9. He likes to use the word “we”

There is no ‘”me” or “you” in his vocabulary. When it comes to making future plans, he likes to use the word “we”.


It goes to show that he sees a long-term relationship with you and is not just having fun for the moment.

10. He respects your personal space

He gives you alone time when you need it and lets you pursue your interests. Even if it is something quirky like pole dancing, he will be a hundred percent supportive.


This does not mean that he doesn’t care about what you do. It simply shows that he is giving you the necessary space for your personal growth.

If your man does these 10 things, we are pretty certain that you are in a good relationship.

Essentially, we’d say that he is definitely a keeper!

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