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Tiong Bahru is known for a couple of things. Chiefly, brunch. And coffee.

But here’s one other thing you should look out for the next time you’re in the area: COO Hostel, a place that’s nothing short of coo-l. Not only does it look great, it’s affordable too!

Entrance of COO Hostel (Image Credit: Staycoo)
(Image Credit: Staycoo)

Designed For Millennials

A lot can and has been said about millennials. Some true, and some… debatable. But if there’s one thing many millennials share, it’s a common love of travel. And a common inability to afford it.

For many of us, budget travel is the way to go, and sometimes, that can mean making do with crappy–and crappier looking–accommodations.

COO Hostel offers 24-hour reception daily (Image Credit: Staycoo)

COO Hostel is making it so that you can travel on the cheap, while staying in a more than decent, well-designed accommodation.

COO Hostel has its own bistro! (Image Credit: Staycoo)
(Image Credit: Staycoo)

In fact, this hostel has recently won the Visual Identity of the Year award at the AHEAD Asia 2017 awards. Uniquely designed, the hostel has a strong, clear, contemporary aesthetic that threads through the entirety of the building.

A COO Place To Stay

At COO Hostel, all beds come with a private combination locker for you to stow your things, a personal LED lamp, a universal socket, 24 hours unlimited wi-fi access, a fresh bath towel, and of course, a fluffy pillow, duvet, and linen set so you can get your beauty rest.

You pay $30 per room/bed at COO Hostel (Image Credit: Staycoo)
This room comes with a built-in mirror! (Image Credit: Staycoo)

For the lone female traveler seeking a little extra safety, there are also female-only rooms where beds come with a personal built-in magnifying mirror.

Toilet facilities (Image Credit: Staycoo)

Soap and shampoos are provided in their modern bathroom setting, and they come in pun-filled containers–a treat for those of you who love a good pun! There are also hairdryers provided, plus washers and dryers that are free for guests to use.

Punny soap and shampoo dispensers (Image Credit: Staycoo)

At COO Hostel, you’ll basically have everything you need–and more!

They provide free breakfast and even free bike rental, so you can explore Tiong Bahru by bicycle!

Like most hostels, this one boasts several common areas for guests to mingle: a pantry, a guest alcove, and also a private open terrace so you can share your travels with a view!

Mingle with fellow guests at the open terrace (Image Credit: Staycoo)

With its fun, unique, and definitely stylish aesthetic, COO Hostel definitely joins the list of treasures in Tiong Bahru you should look out for while there. Perhaps even keep it in mind, for a truly unconventional staycation!

COO Hostel
Address: 259 Outram Road, Singapore 169056
Contact no.: 6221 5060

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