Millennials get a bad rep.

We’ve been called narcissistic, shallow, entitled, lazy… The list goes on.

Enter Millennials of Singapore, a Facebook page dedicated to shedding light on the varied lives and struggles of millennials in this country.

Sharing deeply personal stories of struggling with mental illness, bearing tattoos in a society where tattoos are associated with gangsters, being pregnant as a teenager, and many more, these millennials are bringing to the fore issues we rarely talk about in conservative Singapore.

Now, the creators of the page hope to take that conversation even further–by taking it live.

Millennials of Singapore will be starting a brand new series called Millennial LIVE, an interactive video format that happens in real time. In this series, familiar faces you may recognize from the page will be taking YOUR questions in a candid, no holds barred session. Feel free to fire away questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but never had the guts to!

Here, there are no stupid questions, only honest ones.

Ultimately, the series hopes to open peoples’ minds and breed understanding among Singaporeans through a series of conversations, spanning a variety of topics.

The first episode of the series will feature DJ, a gay man who shared about his journey to accepting his sexuality. Happening today at 7.30pm, make sure to tune in and ask some questions of your own!

This series will air exclusively on livestreaming app, BeLive, every Wednesday at 7.30pm. Currently, the team has committed to 4 episodes and we’re excited to see what they have in store!

Download the BeLive app on Apple or on Android, and make sure to follow Millennials of Singapore for more updates.

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