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Many of us know Singapore’s story by heart.

We know the landmark events and key figures who helped shape our nation into what it is today. But how many of us truly know who we were? The people, the lives, the stories that made up the tapestry of our nation?

15 Short Films – From The Ground Up is a collaboration between Blue3Asia and the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) that aims to bring these untold stories to life through the medium of film.   

15 Short Films – From The Ground Up

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15 Short Films will see 15 local filmmakers and online creators including producer Daniel Yun, Pop Aye’s Kirsten Tan, YouTuber Jian Hao Tan, and many others, coming together to tell the stories of real Singaporeans.

Told and interpreted in a diversity of styles, this series of films uncovers the stories of the people we were, spanning Singapore’s history, from post-independence till the turn of the millennium.

Each film will run for 5 – 10 minutes, each centering on one Singaporean. Starting in June, these films will be released both online and on traditional platforms.

At the end of day, 15 Short Films has one objective in mind: to show that giving, and the compassionate and inclusive side of us has always been there.

Funding From The Ground Up 

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This project will be 100% crowd-funded, where foundations, corporations, and individual Singaporeans can all play a part in bringing this film project to life.

To contribute and find out more about this project, visit 15 Short Film’s crowd-funding page.

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