Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past few months, you would have noticed plenty of online chatter about two TV shows in particular, 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale.

These two popular dramas have a few things in common: They’re both Netflix Original series, they’re both adapted from popular pieces of fiction (Archie comics FTW) and perhaps most importantly, they feature Ross Butler.

Ross Butler

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Known to play resident bad boy Reggie Mantle in Riverdale and semi-good guy jock, Zach Dempsey, in 13 Reasons Why, Ross Butler has caused a bit of a stir among fangirls (and boys).

While he definitely makes it on our list of ‘Cute Guys We Want To Date’, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Ross Butler was actually born on our very shores!

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Born 17 May 1990, Ross Butler was born in Singapore to an American father and Chinese-Malaysian mother.

Image Credit: Ross Butler Instagram

Raised in Virginia, Butler dropped out of Ohio State University and took the leap to move to Los Angeles to begin acting. Butler is no novice when it comes to the acting game. He has had roles in a range of films and TV shows like Disney Channel’s K.C Undercover and popular TV series Teen Wolf.

13 Reasons Why: Zach Dempsey 

Image Credit: The CW/ Warner Bros TV

Unfortunately for Riverdale fanatics, Ross Butler will not be back for its second season. Fret not, you haven’t seen the last of him just yet! Online chatter has got us hopeful that Butler’s absence from Riverdale’s sophomore season could be due to the possibility of a larger role in 13 Reasons Why.

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If you have yet to catch 13 Reasons Why, here’s the lowdown. The popular Netflix Original series starts off with the suicide of Hannah Baker, who leaves behind 13 tapes detailing the 13 reasons why she decided to end her life.

Image Credit: The Odyssey Online

Based on a fiction book by author Jay Asher, the series delves deep into taboo issues faced by teenagers. Themes of sex, drugs, bullying, and the effect we have on the people around us form the backbone of the story.

With a stellar cast and captivating storyline, it’s no surprise that the popular series now has a huge fanbase with a multitude of fan theories coming out of the woodwork.

Image Credit: Netflix

Ross Butler plays jock Zach Dempsey, who is a good guy at heart with a penchant for hanging out with the wrong crowd. We won’t spoil the rest of the show if you haven’t yet caught the binge-worthy series.

For those of you who have already finished watching the series and are experiencing some serious 13 Reasons Why withdrawals, a second season has been announced! There is no set date or details on season 2 as of yet, so we’re in for a quite a wait before we find out what happens to the students of Liberty High.

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