The DBS Marina Regatta has come and gone. We drank, lazed around, soaked up the sun, and also managed to hit up the Pre-Ultra Party!

A two-day teaser of what’s to come at the upcoming Ultra Singapore, the party was nothing short of heart-pumping action with the crowd raising their hands, dancing the night away to the sounds of emerging DJs Dubvision, Crossnaders, Raiden, Jade Rasif, Moe, and Myrne.

An Ultra Good Time

DBS Marina Regatta 2017 Pre-Ultra Party

Despite a slow start, the party really got started on the second night, with DJ Dubvision helming the decks, hyping the crowd and blasting some familiar tunes, turning the party up to eleven.

Drinks were on hand, the lights in the Play Dome added to the electric atmosphere, and everyone had a blast! Even the DJs joined the crowd, dancing with us once they were finished with their sets. Some very lucky folks got to rub shoulders (literally) with some of these rising names in EDM.

DBS Marina Regatta 2017 Pre-Ultra Party

Limited edition merchandise, including wristbands and caps were also given out, so party-goers could take home a piece of the event as a souvenir!

The Acts Singaporeans Are Most Excited To See

Image Credit: LiveTrackList

Being the kaypoh people that we are, we asked the people at the pre-party what their fondest memories of last year’s Ultra Singapore are, and who they’re most excited to see this year.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. “My fondest memory was going for Ultra with all of my girlfriends. We dressed up, danced the whole time we were there, and had fun even during parts where we had no idea who the DJ was or the song that was being played. It was just a fun experience anticipating it, getting ready for it and finally going for it with my girlfriends. We also took a LOT of photos, which was fun. This year, I’m looking forward to seeing Hardwell and Steve Aoki the most.” – Jess

Steve Aoki (Image Credit: DJMag)

2. “The music at last year’s Ultra was SO good, especially Kygo! I love it when a song comes on that everyone knows and EVERYONE sings along, completely in sync. It’s an indescribable feeling and I’m looking forward to feeling that again at this year’s festival. In terms of DJs, I’m super hyped for Tiësto.” – Jerome

Tiësto (Image Credit: Billboard)

3. “I think what sets Ultra apart from other music festivals in Singapore is the number of international acts and international party-goers. I think it really makes a difference because sometimes, Singaporeans can be a bit stiff, just standing around, rather than dancing and having fun. I think partying with people from other countries makes us feel less self-conscious, which also means we have more fun. Showtek and Nicky Romero, definitely!” – Mandy

Showtek (Image Credit: Electronic Vegas)

4. “My fondest memory… I just like the whole concept of the Ultra Festival. As someone who loves music, I think this is a unique, cultural experience that any music fan will enjoy. It’s something everyone should try at least once in their life, just to know what it’s all about because it can be hard to put the experience to words. You have to be there to get it. I’m really liking Rich Chigga at the moment.” – Dave

Rich Chigga (Image Credit: Highsnobiety)

5. “Last year, my fondest memory was weirdly of queueing from Marina Bay Sands. Even though we had to wait for a super long time, it builds the anticipation and makes it all the more sweeter when you’re finally on the festival grounds, feeling the music. I’ll be looking forward to seeing Tchami and Pendulum.” – Terry

Pendulum (Image Credit: Edmsauce)

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, unsure of whether you should head out for Ultra Singapore this year, these are some more reasons to go.

Touted the EDM party of the year, it’ll be awhile before we see another star-studded line up like this!

Ultra Line-Up

Happening very soon on 10 and 11 June, Ultra Singapore tickets are still on sale, with General Admission tickets for both 1 Day and 2 Day entry still available for purchase. 1 Day tickets are tagged at USD$115 and 2 Day tickets are going at USD$178.
Purchase your tickets here before they all run out!

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