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Gone are the days when Jurong was an ulu place no one would travel out to.

After undergoing a huge redevelopment, the Jurong East area now has everything you could possibly want and need–movie theatres, gyms, shops, dining options…

Once an area that lagged behind the other parts of Singapore in terms of food fads and good food offerings in general, these days, Jurong East has plenty of tasty nosh to offer–including desserts. Whether you love discovering new dessert spots, are always on the lookout for novel desserts, or just have a sweet tooth, we’ve got you West-siders covered.

Here are 8 delicious dessert spots to visit to sweeten up your day!


1. Bojio Café

Located in a non-descript corner of Westgate, Bojio Café doesn’t boast the same striking exterior as its neighbours. But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover, because the good stuff lays within. With a diverse, Insta-worthy menu, you’ll find sweet treats like fancy Milkshakes, Lava Toasts and Shibuya Toasts on their list of offerings.

A definite must-try is the Lava Toast with Mentaiko. The slightly salty mentaiko (marinated roe of pollock and cod), typically found in sushi, is an unusual choice to go with the lava toast. And yet somehow, it works!

Image Credit: Burpple

The surface of the toast, covered with a generous amount of mentaiko is lightly torched to give it that charred flavour and appearance. Slice into the crispy toast and mentaiko mayonnaise comes oozing out–a sinful indulgence indeed.

The toast also comes with a single scoop of Gula Melaka ice cream, which is not cloyingly sweet. Choose from the Original toast ($15.90) and the Charcoal toast ($16.90).

With 12 different fillings/ways to have your lava toast, including Thai Milk Tea, Salted Egg, and Peanut Butter, there’s no doubt you’ll find something you like here!

Bojio Café
Westgate Mall, 3 Gateway Drive, #02-28, Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm

2. Nunsaram Korean Dessert Café

While some might say bingsu was so 2016, we say given Singapore’s scorching weather, it’ll never run out of style.

Image Credit: Slyzor

You can never go wrong with the classic Injeolmi flavour ($12.90). Dusted with a copious amount of Injeolmi (roasted soya bean powder), and topped with cashew nuts, almond flakes and Korean rice cakes, this is perfect for those of you who don’t like your desserts too sweet.

Image Credit: Burpple

Alternatively, get the Sweet Potato Bingsu ($14.90), a unique flavour you won’t find in most bingsu cafés. The purple doesn’t just make the dish look pretty, it also whets your appetite. With soft and chewy sweet potato cubes scattered over a bed of finely shaved ice and smooth sweet potato paste, it’s a must try for the more adventurous eaters!

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Café
Westgate Mall, 3 Gateway Drive, #04-37/K4, Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm


1. Poppy Pops

Poppy Pops is a hidden JEM in Jurong (get it?). Located one level above JEM’s food court (Cookhouse by KouFu), you probably won’t know about this little spot unless you’ve passed by it on your way to the BCA/AVA Service Centre.

Image Credit: Poppy Pops Facebook

Serving up pretty DIY popsicles, every ‘pop’ is made in-house, with no preservatives or artificial flavourings.

Their popsicles come in two types–Classic ($4.80) and Premium ($5.80). Whichever you pick, you get to choose a topping and coating to go with it. Any additional toppings or coatings will cost you $0.50 each.

One of the best-selling flavours at Poppy Pops is Cheesecake. Thick, luscious, and tasting just like cheesecake, it goes amazingly with a coating of white chocolate and crushed cookies. Need we say more?

Image Credit: Gin Was Here

For something a bit more filling, add a waffle for just $2!

If you can’t decide on just one flavour, get the Poppy Trio ($6), where you get to sample three different mini-sized popsicles.

Poppy Pops
JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #06-03, Singapore 609690
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm

2. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

If you love traditional Chinese desserts, you’ll love good old Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, a place that sells a good selection of both hot and cold desserts.

Image Credit: Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert Facebook

The SK Mango Pomelo Saga ($4.20) is everything mango pomelo sago should be–creamy, smooth, sweet, sour, and with plenty of texture.

The Mango Glutinous Rice Roll ($4) is stuffed to the brim with fresh mangoes, delivering a burst of flavour with every bite. The chewy rice roll is sprinkled with specks of coconut, giving it a slight crunch.

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert
JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-K1, Singapore 609690
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 1030pm


1. Ned’s Crepe

If you love a good crepe, Ned’s Crepe offers some solid crepes in both sweet and savoury flavours.


Image Credit: Ned’s Crepe Facebook

Nutella and banana is a combination you can NEVER go wrong with. The Choco Nana Crepe ($4.30) will make you feel like a kid again, with its simple ingredients and comforting flavours.

For something more savoury, try the Ramly Crepe ($4.70). Yup, you read that right. Ramly, as in Ramly burger. The Ramly Crepe is what would happen if someone made a Ramly burger in crepe form. Surprisingly, the barbecue sauce and mayonnaise complemented the thin, crispy crepe well. The ingredients–ham, egg and cheese–were also not at all overwhelming.

If you’re planning on making a trip here, remember to bring tissues. Digging into these crepes will be a messy affair, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Ned’s Crepe
JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-66, Singapore 609731
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 1.30pm – 9pm; Fri – Sun: 1.30pm – 9.30pm

2. One Ice Café

Another bingsu café on the list, One Ice Café serves the most value for money bingsu you can find in Singapore. Affordable and tasty, it’s no wonder this café is a popular haunt among students.

Image Credit: Burpple

For a fool-proof option, try the Oreo Bingsu. For $6.80, there’s so much Oreo in the bingsu, you’ll find yourself eating more Oreo crumbs than shaved ice–perfect for one of those days when you just need to treat yo’self.

Image Credit: Justin Teo

Another go-to flavour is the traditional Patbingsu ($6.80), which comes served with crunchy golden cornflakes. With sweet azuki red beans and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, this bingsu is the perfect way to chase your blues away.

One Ice Café
JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-67, Singapore 609731
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 10pm

3. Dofu

Dofu, which sounds like ‘Dou-fu’ (Mandarin for ‘beancurd’) does not sell beancurd. Instead, it serves homemade Black Soy Ice Cream.

Image Credit: Burpple

This lightly sweetened vegan ice cream is made with soy beans and bamboo charcoal. Beneath the beautiful black swirl lies a layer of beancurd pudding. The silky and creamy soft serve complements the smooth pudding perfectly, making it a delight to savour slowly.

If you’re a purist and like your ice cream with ice cream and nothing else, you can also opt to have 100% ice cream.

Image Credit: The Picta

You can have three ($4.90), five ($5.60) or seven ($6.20) toppings! There are more than 30 toppings to choose from, including sauces, granola, fresh fruits, and many more.

Refreshing and healthy, this is a guilt-free treat for those of you who are craving something sweet but are also watching your waistline!

Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-K13, Singapore 609731
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm


1. Food Lovers Only (FLO)

Established by the Manuka Group, Food Lovers Only (FLO) is a Halal certified Korean restaurant that serves Western-fusion cuisine. Here, there’s no GST or service charge–what you see on the menu is exactly what you pay.

One thing we love about this café is that it serves many interesting cake flavours.

Image Credit: Burpple

The Ondeh-Ondeh Cake ($6.50) is a fragrant pandan cake with layers of coconut cream and dried coconut shavings. The layers work together to achieve the distinct flavour profile of ondeh-ondeh, making it a successful love story between traditional Nonya pastries and Western cakes.

Image Credit: Deenise Glitz

Their Speculoos Cookie Cheesecake ($6.50) is our personal favourite. The cookie base was crumbly without being too hard. The cake is made with Speculoos cookie butter, and a touch of cinnamon. To sweeten the deal, there is also a sprinkling of cookie crumbs on the top!

Food Lovers Only (FLO)
IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-15A, Singapore 60960
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm

“Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.”

The West side of Singapore is a treasure trove of desserts. Among the 4 malls, there’s bound to be a place to satisfy your sugar cravings and put a smile on your face.

Whether you’re working in the neighborhood, meeting friends, or live in the West, check out these dessert spots! Who knows, one of your future go-to places just might be on this list!

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