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Did you know batignolles is actually a neighbourhood in romantic Paris?

That is the inspiration behind O Batignolles, a French diner opened by a–you guessed it–French couple along the hipster Club Street.

Artfully decorated to ooze that Parisian atmosphere

With an artfully decorated interior with a dark wood and red colour scheme, O Batignolles transports you to the trendy district of Paris. Its outdoor seating includes marble-top tables and rattan chairs, and are perfect for some people watching.

Wine and dine like the French

The French love their wine, so it comes as no surprise that this restaurant has an extensive wine selection. O Batignolles imports a stellar range of wines that is curated from small batch independent winemakers throughout France.

Their wine menu includes little nuggets of information such as the region the winery is located, the acidity of the wine, level of dryness, and so on.

An assortment of cheeses and cold cuts

Where there is wine, there is cheese. Here at O Batignolles, be dazzled by the large selection of cheese available!

All their cheeses are air-flown from France weekly. Whether you are looking for a mild cheese such as cheddar or stronger ones like blue cheese, you will definitely be able to get it here.

Choose from the variety of cheese available

With so many types of cheese available, simply order the cheese platter, where you can choose to sample 3, 5 or 7 types. Alternatively, pair your cheese platter with cold cuts such as ham or rosette under their Mix Cold & Cheese Assortment ($34).

Savour delicious iconic French dishes

Although O Batignolles specialises in wine and cheese/cold cut platters, they also offer tapas-style dining as well. Think tantalising French dishes, downsized to bite-sized portions on sharing plates.

Their French Fries (drizzled with truffle oil) and Smoked Salmon and Avocado are great for sharing!

Smoked Salmon and Avocado

Alternatively, dine like a true French with their cheesy Croque-Monsieur Bites, the French equivalent of ham and cheese bread.

Tuck into their cheesy Croque-Monsieur Bites

If you are feeling peckish, simply order their Mini Burger. The real star of this dish is the slice of melted Morbier cheese sandwiched between the burger buns!

Mini burgers which include the special Morbier cheese

The French love all things sweet

The French love their sweets, there is certainly no disputing that! After all, macarons, eclairs and Crème Brûlée all hail from France.

Sinful, decadent Chocolate Furron

Naturally, you can expect classic French desserts such as Crème Brûlée and Lemon Tart in their dessert selection. Likewise, their Chocolate Truffon promises a sinful indulgence like no other!

If you can’t afford the pricey airfares to Paris, get a taste of French living right here at O Batignolles–just remember to grab an outdoor seat for that perfect Parisian alfresco setting!

O Batignolles
Address: 2 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069247
Opening Hours: Mon to Tue 11am – 12pm; Wed to Fri 11am – 1am; Sat 10am – 1am; Sun 10am – 10pm
Contact no.: 6438 3913

(Header Image Source: obatignolles)

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