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Fancy yourself a bit of a wizard? At this cafe, you can pretend to be it for a day–or at least a couple of hours.

There’s a wizard themed cafe in town and here, you can leave the muggle life behind by donning the elaborate cloaks, witches’ hats, and accessories like wands and broomsticks that are provided free of charge.

Pretend to be a wizard for a day at Platform 1094

At this cafe reminiscent of The Three Broomsticks (the wizarding pub you may recognise from the Harry Potter books), a brick wall with a mystical-looking crest forms the perfect backdrop for all your photo-taking needs.

The perfect backdrop (and props!) for all your photo-taking needs

No mere muggle or wizard will be able to resist grabbing some nosh at this pretty place, and we quickly succumbed to their quirky menu that was filled with magical-sounding drinks, finger foods and desserts.

Where else can you find food that sounds like it came straight out of a spell book?

Drink, drank but not drunk: Mrs Lich’s Butterscotch Ale ($10)

Image Credit: igcol

Concocted from the platform’s secret recipe, this drink is a tasty pick-me-up for unicorns and wand wielders alike. Despite its name, it’s alcohol-free so you’re free to gulp several gallons of this at a go.

The generous layer of frothy cream sprinkled with pastel stars brimmed with a nostalgic Paddlepop flavour, and had a light toffee accent. Sip it with the fizzy ice cream soda beneath, and that’s when the magic truly begins! Mix the cream and soda to spark some large scale magic, then glug down the cauldron full of bubbles!

Finger-licking appetizer: Spam fries ($8)

Savoury and crispy, soft and warm…

Spam fries

When you’re wielding this wand of utter deliciousness, no Death Eater will dare get between you and your food. For an extra oomph to your Avada Kedavra, dip the hot and savoury spam sticks into the sweet Thai chilli dip. There’s no going back after that.

The Main Dish: Schnitzel Sous-vide Duck Breast ($19)

This dish consists of well-seasoned, meaty pieces of duck breast flavoured with herbs and spices. The duck is then battered and fried to a beautiful golden hue that almost outshines the Goblet of Fire.

Image Credit: SG Asia City

A smear of creamy bacon sauce complemented the duck, lending each bite a smoky, peppery edge. For those craving something light, the refreshing pomelo segments and crispy Chinese kale (kailan) are the perfect palette cleansers.

A Sweet Dessert: Black Magic ($16)

Black Magic

As if we were under the spell of dark magic, we found the unpredictable mix of flavours and textures oddly bewitching.

Intense black sesame panna cotta, crispy charcoal cake, squid ink profiterole filled with mango creme and crackly lace tulle… Eat this, and embrace your dark side.

Here at Platform 1094, wizards and muggles alike are bonded by food, laughter and cosy camaraderie. Whiz by on your broomstick (or drop by on your two feet) whenever you’re craving a little magic in your cafe-hopping spree!

Platform 1094
Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192
Opening Hours: Tues – Fri: 11am – 10pm; Sat – Sun: 10am – 10pm
Contact no.: 6204 6003

(Header Image Source: SG Asia City)