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If you love American fast food chain A&W, you’ll be happy to know that they’ll be coming back to Singapore!

Image Credit: A&W Canada Facebook

I’m sure we – or the older ones of us, at least – can all remember their delicious root beer floats and addictive onion rings!

A&W, which is short for “Allen and Wright”, shuttered their last store in Singapore in 2003. After disappearing from our island over 10 years ago, the fast food chain will be returning as part of its expansion into Southeast Asia in 2018. This means it will still be quite a wait before we can get get our hands on some A&W.

We can’t wait to be reunited with their root beer floats, Coney dogs, curly fries, waffles and more!

Other countries A&W plans to expand into in the Southeast Asia region include Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

A&W Coney Dog (Image Credit: Zzanyy)

While there is no word yet on where their first store will be, there’s a good chance there will be a branch near you, as the fast food chain has plans to open 30 – 40 new restaurants a year between the 4 countries.

A&W is currently searching for “real estate for a flagship company restaurant in Singapore”, and this flagship restaurant will also “serve as a training store for Southeast Asia”.

Can’t wait for A&W to arrive in Singapore? We never thought this day would come, and 2018 CANNOT arrive any sooner!

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(Header Image Source: A&W Canada Facebook)