Tear Apart These Buns To Find A Colourful Centre – And Some Pretty Creative Fillings

Multi-coloured foods are all the rage these days.

From cakes containing all the colours of the rainbow to modernised, multi-hued kuehs, it was only a matter of time before multi-coloured buns became a thing.

Colourful on the outside, what lays inside the buns is even prettier!

Just Dough is a bakery at Suntec City that sells colourful steamed buns. Beyond their pretty exterior, these buns come in interesting flavours such as Durian and Pumpkin Salted Egg!

Dough Not Just Stop At One

Freshly made daily, the colours of the dough are derived from natural sources including green tea powder, charcoal, black sesame, carrot, cocoa powder, whole meal and red yeast rice.

Mantous being prepared

The more health-conscious ones of you will be happy to know that the fillings of these buns contain low levels of sugar and oil, with no preservatives added. Both the dough and the fillings are made in-house, and Just Dough definitely doesn’t stinge on their fillings!

One of the signature buns at Just Dough is the Purple Sweet Potato Bun ($1.90), a light green coloured bun with a purple sweet potato mash within, topped off with a walnut. Tear the bun into half and you’ll find beautiful hues of light green, dark green, and purple within! With the subtle, natural sweetness of the sweet potato, this bun is a sure-win for those who love the taste of the understated root.

Purple Sweet Potato Bun

Another one of Just Dough’s signatures is their Yam Bun ($1.90). Inside the bright yellow bun, you’ll find hues of yellow, brown, and purple! Like the Purple Sweet Potato Bun, Just Dough lets the natural sweetness of the yam do all the talking – a choice that definitely pays off!

Yam Bun

While the signature buns were fragrant and light, our favourite ones had to be the more flavoursome Durian Bun ($1.90) and Pumpkin Salted Egg Bun ($1.50).

Durian Bun

The Durian Bun is black on the outside, and black, speckled and yellow on the inside. The durian cream within tastes AMAZING. Thick, creamy, and full of durian flavour, you almost feel like you’re eating durian flesh straight off the seed, durian fibres and all! The durian cream oozes out of the bun when you bite into it, and with just the right filling-to-dough ratio, you won’t be left in want of either durian or the bun.

Now that we’re in the thick of durian season, this is definitely a must-eat for fans of the king of fruit.

Pumpkin Salted Egg Bun

The Pumpkin Salted Egg Bun is another one of our favourites.

Half yellow and half speckled, break apart the bun to find a rich, decadent pumpkin salted egg filling within. The flavour of the filling is reminiscent of the salted egg centre of a mooncake, which we absolutely loved. Together with the chewy, fluffy bun, it was like having a delicious sweet-salty dipping sauce built into your bun!

Aside from these winning flavours, other flavours you’ll find here are Curry Potato Chicken ($2.50), Red Bean ($1.90), Banana Choc ($1.50), Peanut ($1.50), Coconut ($1.50) and Wolfberry Mantou ($1.90). With such a tantalising variety to choose from, you won’t have an easy time picking just one to eat!

Have Your Bun With Soup

Buns and soups are a match made in culinary heaven. Thankfully, Just Dough (ironically) doesn’t sell just dough; it also sells soups that perfectly complement their dense, delicious mantous.

Choose from Chilli Crab Soup ($7.90) and Pumpkin Soup ($5.90), each of which is served with one of their colourful variety of mantous!

Mantous of different colour combinations!

The selection of buns sold at Just Dough is constantly changing, so don’t be surprised to find your favourites gone and new flavours being added to the menu!

If you’re passing by, or if you work in the area, make sure to pay Just Dough a visit! With chewy, flavourful buns that cater to both your sweet and savoury cravings, you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy, no matter the time of the day!

Just Dough
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-169/170 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 7.30am – 9.00pm; Fri: 7.30am – 10.00pm; Sat – Sun & PH: 8.30am – 10.00pm
Contact no.: 6341 9619

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