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Chicken rice is a dish that has a special place in all our Singaporean hearts.

Our national dish, ask any Singaporean where their favourite chicken rice stall is and you will see people fiercely defending their favourites.

Enter Roost, a restaurant that focuses on the iconic dish, and that celebrates it by reinterpreting it in a variety of interesting ways!

Image Credit: Burpple User Zhihui Lim

Located at The Centrepoint, in the heart of Orchard, this is the place to go for a plate of your favourite chicken rice after a whole day of shopping in town!

A Unique Spin On Chicken Rice

One of the most inventive dishes sold here is the Chicken Sushi ($4.90 for 4), Roost’s signature soya chicken and chicken rice assembled in sushi-form, and glazed with Teriyaki Sauce. Perfectly bite-sized, these are great for popping into your mouth!

Chicken Sushi (Image Credit: Burpple User I makan Sg)

Another is the Crispy Chicken Rice Balls ($4.90 for 4), a chicken rice ball that is coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. Served with a saucer of homemade chilli sauce, the crispy chicken rice balls are lightly battered and deliver an explosion of flavour when you bite into it. Can’t fully enjoy your chicken rice unless there’s chilli? Dip it into the sauce for a spicy kick!

Crispy Chicken Rice Balls (Image Credit: Burpple User Xing Wei Chua)

Torn between Poached and Soya Sauce Chicken Rice? Get the best of both worlds with the Yin Yang Chicken Rice ($8.90), a must try at Roost. Serving up a tasty rendition of Soya Sauce Chicken, this is definitely our pick of the two.

Yin Yang Chicken Rice (Image Credit: Time Out)

Machine-Cooked Chicken

A unique feature you’ll notice about this restaurant is the cooking method employed here. The chickens at Roost are cooked using an automated poultry machine called the ‘iKook’.

Inspired by the automated machines Krispy Kreme uses for the production of their donuts, the iKook is the world’s first automated poultry machine. It can poach, braise, and sous-vide chickens, ensuring the chicken is of a consistent quality!

Image Credit: Time Out

So, onto the million dollar question: How does machine-cooked chicken taste?

The answer is not bad, not bad at all. With a silky skin and flesh that is tender and moist, the all-important chicken at this chicken rice restaurant fares decently. Not the best, but definitely decent.

Here, the standout dishes are undisputedly the starters – especially the Crispy Chicken Rice Balls! Crispy on the outside, packed with chicken flavour on the inside, and with a great chilli sauce to go along, this was definitely a unique taste experience for us chicken rice fans.

The next time you’re feeling peckish when in town and have no idea where to eat, make a stop at Roost for their unique spins on everyone’s favourite chicken rice! With both an unusual way of cooking their chickens and an unusual array of chicken rice-related dishes, Roost is a unique food spot worth checking out!

Address: 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint #B1-17/18/19, 238843
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 9pm
Contact no.: 6909 0411

(Header Image Source: Burpple User Xing Wei Chua & The Silver Chef)