There's A Guy Flying Around Near City Hall And People Are Calling Him Iron Man

There is a video making its rounds on social media and it’s of a man flying around with a jetpack; people are already calling him Singapore’s Iron Man.

For a good 50s of the 1:50 long clip, you’ll see (and hear) his jetpack whirring to life, before he’s lifted off the ground and starts flying around at an area near city hall.


The man beneath the suit is British inventor Richard Browning. The 38 year old who was formerly a commodities trader began with a mission to “have a huge amount of fun trying to do something that was considered impossible”.

Now, he has in his hands a suit that’s garnered attention from search-and-rescue agencies, military researchers and Hollywood producers. He’s not the only one with a suit like this, with early prototypes of the suit already sold to “high net worth” individuals to the tune of half a million dollars.

Weighing 45kg, the six-engine suit can go “as high and as fast as you like”. While the demonstration was rather modest, the suit can apparently go up to thousands of feet in the air, and reach speeds of around 450kmh. Maneuvered using the arms, the suit allows its wearer to turn, stop and go in three dimensions.

Want one for yourself? Unfortunately, the suit has a ways to go before it can be viable for purposes such as public transportation. In the meantime, we’ll just have to be content with watching from afar.

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