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[Update: The article title has been edited for accuracy. Information about Curley Gao has also been updated to reflect that she is a Chinese national who studies in Singapore, not a Singaporean.]

If you didn’t follow Sing! China last year, this may be the time to start.

After Nathan Hartono made it all the way to second place in last year’s Sing! China, more Singaporeans have joined and found success on the singing competition. This season, 4 singers from Singapore have made it onto the show so far, and with more spots on the judges teams to be filled, who knows if more will be added to the list!

Here are the ones to look out for in this season of Sing! China.

Team Jay Chou

Image Credit: Hulutrip

1. Olinda Cho

Image Credit: Slyzor

Remember “steady pom pee pee?

Those of you who watched Singapore Idol back in the day will surely recognise this name and face – after all, she did come in third in the first season of Singapore Idol back in 2004.

Like many contestants on The Voice (the singing competition Sing! China is modeled after), Olinda didn’t make it on the show on her first try; it was during her second try that she found success. This season, she took a huge risk, singing Jay Chou’s ‘Secret’, which paid off big time. It won her a three chair turn, as well as a spot on Jay Chou’s team.

Watch Olinda Cho’s full performance here:

2. Joanna Dong

Image Credit: Icon Singapore

The first Singaporean to make it on Sing! China this year – and on Team Jay Chou, no less – Joanna Dong won both the judges and audience alike with her sweet, joyful rendition of the technically challenging Love Song, 1990, throwing in a vocal trumpet for good measure.

The jazz singer’s dynamic performance also won her a three chair turn, as well as high praise from the judges.

Watch Joanna Dong’s full performance here:

Team Na Ying

Image Credit: Gratenews

1. Stella Seah

Image Credit: Stella Seah Facebook

Remember Campus Superstar?

If you caught its second season, you might find this 24 year old familiar. In 2007, she came in as a semi-finalist on the youth-centric singing competition. The graduate of LASALLE’s School of Contemporary Music is now one half of the duo ‘StellaVee’ with singer-songwriter Vee.

Currently signed under Ocean Butterflies Music, the singer got two of the judges to turn withe her sweet, pop vocals.

Watch Stella Seah’s full performance here:

2. Curley Gao

Another singer who only got her shot after her second try, Curley Gao is the youngest representative from Singapore to make it onto the Sing! China stage at 18 years old.

A Chinese national who has been studying in Singapore since the age of 9, she was likened to Singaporean singer Tanya Chua by superstar Jay Chou. This teenager’s soothing vocals got two judges vying to have her on their teams.

Watch Curley Gao’s full performance here:

With not just 1 but 4 singers from Singapore making it past the blind auditions this year, this will be an exciting season for Singaporeans! Make sure to tune in and show your support – we cannot wait to see how far they’ll go in the competition!

You can catch the live telecast of Sing! China Season 2 on Singtel TV’s Jia Le Channel or on Zhejiang TV Official Channel on YouTube.

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