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As August draws to a close, it means two things – Halloween is coming, but before that, Mid-Autumn Festival.

That means breaking out the paper lanterns, sparklers, and of course, mooncakes.

This year, so many brands are putting out their own spin on the traditional delicacy. Some are sticking to tradition with classic mooncakes with lotus paste, white lotus paste or red bean paste; others are breaking tradition with alcoholic mooncakes, cheesecake mooncakes, ice cream mooncakes, and more.

Image Credit: Lady M

With brands from the usual hotels to Mr Bean hawking their own versions of the confection, it takes something truly special to pierce through the competition – and we think Lady M‘s version takes the (moon)cake!

Snowskin Mooncakes In A Grand Lantern

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Lady M will be selling sets of 4 snowskin mooncakes, which will be available in 2 flavours: Cranberry Cheese White Chocolate Truffle and Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffle.

Snowskin Mooncake – Cranberry Cheese (Image Credit: Lady M)

While these flavours sound completely non-traditional, don’t worry, the people at Lady M haven’t completely thrown tradition out the window.

The mooncakes, which come in pink and white respectively, are filled with white lotus paste, with a luxurious chocolate truffle core that’s filled with either cranberry cream cheese or smooth creamy peanut butter.

Snowskin Mooncake – Peanut Butter (Image Credit: Lady M)

Each mooncake bears Lady M’s trademark “M”, embossed in place of the usual Mandarin characters or flowers.

While the mooncakes are special in and of themselves, their packaging is what’s won our hearts – these mooncakes are housed in a gorgeous lantern!

Limited Edition Lanterns

At first glance, you’ll see a pretty pink lantern, but only upon closer inspection will you see the intricacies of its design.

Battery-lit from the inside, you’ll notice the sides of the lantern are actually three dimensional windows. You’ll even spot tiny silhouettes of people having tea! The whole lantern resembles an ornate building, with pretty windows, columns, and Lady M’s “M” weaved seamlessly into its design.

Image Credit: Lady M

Coming with a dainty, metallic chain attached for carrying around, lift the top piece and you’ll find the four mooncakes stacked one on top of the other!

Super pretty, this is far from your typical mooncake box or tin.

“M” For Mooncake

The Grand Lantern Mooncakes will only be available till 1 October 2017, and will be available in limited quantities, so make an order quickly!

Priced at $109.50 per box (set of 4 mooncakes), make an order by 3 September and you can also enjoy an early-bird price of $99.50.

Thinking of sending mooncakes to friends or family, but have no idea which mooncakes to buy? With such pretty packaging, this is definitely a winner. Heck, you might want to just get these for yourself – the lantern is definitely a unique piece you’ll want to keep around the house.

Pre-order Lady M’s Grand Lantern Mooncakes here.

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