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Fusion food has always been a hit-or-miss in the world of gastronomy.

However, this newest fast food joint has managed to perfect their recipes for Japanese-American fusion burgers.

Meet B Burger, a quaint new burger joint located at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, serving up classic American burgers with a Japanese twist.

Image Credit: B Burger

Picture yourself biting into a juicy, toasty burger in a backdrop of palm trees, artsy murals and neon lights juxtaposed against a wall of 80s paraphernalia. That is the B Burger experience.

Feel Good Vibes Meets Feel Good Food

If you thought you’ve had the best burger you can possibly have in your lifetime, hold that thought.

B Burger serves up classic American burgers with a Japanese twist. Picture daikon pickles replacing gherkins, or an okonomiyaki re-imagined with a bratswurst and served as a corn dog.

That’s the Osaka Corn Dog ($6.90).

Osaka Corn Dog ($6.90)

The signature B Burger ($6.90 to $11.90) is a cheeseburger that features a single portion of juicy beef patty, daikon pickles, tomato, lettuce, cheese and their secret B Sauce. Double and triple patty options are also available for their burgers.

B Burger ($6.90 for single patty, $8.90 for double, $11.90 for triple)

The other burger to look out for is the Bomchika Wow Wow ($9.90). Buttermilk fried chicken burger, sriracha honey (YASSS), truffle mayo, homemade wafu slaw, topped with a fried egg. If this doesn’t get you salivating, we don’t know what will.

Bomchika Wow Wow ($9.90)

For those seeking a vegetarian option, there’s a burger for you. Meet the Umami Burger ($7.90). A combination of buttermilk fried Portobello, melted cheddar, garnished with a sprinkling of nori flakes.

Umami Burger ($7.90)

Going meat-free has never tasted so good.

B Burger didn’t forget about their sides either. Some of the interesting sides are the Nacho Soup ($3.50) and the Wafu Ramen Slaw ($3.50).

The Nacho Soup is exactly what you think it is. All of the cheese and nacho shards. Like Beer Cheese Soup, without the beer. So, really just cheese soup.

Nacho Soup ($3.50)

The Wafu Ramen Slaw is B Burger’s homemade coleslaw with Japanese dressing and dried ramen noodles for crunch.

Wafu Ramen Slaw ($3.50)

Remember to eat your veggies, kids!

You can pay an additional $3.50 for a side and a drink to go with your burger for a more filling meal!

Food aside, the tropical motifs plastered on the walls of the joint really brightens up our mood. Vibrant, colourful, and cheerful.

If the food doesn’t make you smile, the decor will.

Image Credit: B Burger
Image Credit: B Burger
Image Credit: B Burger
Image Credit: B Burger
Image Credit: B Burger

Eating here isn’t just a meal. It’s a visual and gastronomic experience.

Head down to B Burger if you’re craving for a good burger!

B Burger
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #01-01, Singapore, 239695
Opening Hours: Daily: 12PM – 10PM

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(Header Image Source: @cathaylifestyle)