Fall Out Boy fans, fall in!

On 10 November, LAMC Productions, a regional concert promoter in Asia, released a clue regarding the next musical act to grace our shores.

Let’s see if you can guess who it is. Are you ready?

First Clue

Image Credit: LAMC Productions Facebook

According to LAMC Productions, this is a music video theme. Well, there are a few people on our minds as to who the musical act could be.

Judging from the post’s comment section, guesses are varied but there is one name that keeps popping up.

Image Credit: LAMC Productions Facebook
Image Credit: LAMC Productions Facebook

Do you have someone in mind yet? But wait, there’s another clue!

Second Clue

Image Credit: LAMC Productions Facebook

Another music video theme! The 2nd clue seems to have confirmed most guesses.

Image Credit: LAMC Productions Facebook
Image Credit: LAMC Productions Facebook

The consensus seems to be Fall Out Boy that’s coming to Singapore.

Then there’s this guy.

Image Credit: LAMC Productions Facebook
GIF Credit: giphy

We still don’t know who the musical act is, but stay tuned to LAMC Production’s Facebook page for more updates!

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