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If you’re a fan of dessert pastries and you’ve exhausted all available options for a good cream puff or cheese tart, then we’ve got news for you.

Popular Taiwanese bakery, Kazo, is opening its first outlet at Chinatown Point on 5 January 2018!

Their parent company, Nichifu, is well known in Taiwan for their cream puffs, polo buns and cheese tarts.

To ensure that the quality of the pastries remain the same as Nichifu, the ingredients used by Kazo will be flown in from Taiwan regularly.

There’s Always Space For Dessert

Their signature Cream Puffs ($1.80 each) come in 2 flavours, Hokkaido Cream and Chocolate Cream.

Image Credit: Kazo Singapore

The most important thing about a cream puff is the pastry-cream ratio and Kazo seems to have found the perfect ratio.

Thank goodness, because nobody likes a puff with too much cream and too little dough. Have you tried eating a choux puff overloaded with cream? You need a STRAW.

Anyway, if you’re not feeling like cream puffs, how about trying Kazo’s Cheese Tarts ($3.20 each)? Yes, we know that there are already multiple cheese tart brands in Singapore but we love cheese tarts and new stuff, so we’ll still eat it anyway.

Image Credit: Kazo Singapore

If you thought Kazo stopped at cream puffs and cheese tarts, you thought wrong.

Named after the brand is the Kazu Kazu. A light and fluffy tube with a crunchy crust, filled with Hokkaido cream or Chocolate cream.

Reminds us of the Beard Papa Cookie Puff, but stretched out.

Image Credit: Kazo Singapore

For those of you who like the Walls ice cream sold by the uncles along the streets of Orchard Road, then you’ll want to try Kazo’s Danish Polo ($2.50 – $5.50).

Image Credit: Kazo Singapore

These delicious-looking buns of goodness come with a generous serving of Hokkaido Milk, Royal Chocolate or Matcha ice cream. Too bad they don’t have Raspberry Ripple.

If you’re looking for a drink to wash down all this pastry goodness, Kazo has a strong solution. Literally.

Meet these quirky bottles of organic soya bean drinks and matcha latte. They come in the shape of a perfect male physique. And they’re aptly named Kazo Man.

Image Credit: Kazo Singapore

They even have six packs! We’re referring to the physique. They don’t come in a pack of 6.

Guess who’s keeping the bottle?

GIF Credit: giphy

Jokes aside, Kazo seems to be a promising bakery and we cannot wait to be an auntie and queue up for these delectable desserts on 5 January 2018.

Address: 133 North Bridge Road, #01-30 Chinatown Point, Singapore, 059413
Opening Hours: Daily: 10am – 9.30pm
Contact no.: 6440 1888

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(Header Image Source: Kazo Singapore)