14 Places To Get Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses, No Matter What Your Budget

Weddings are a joyous occasion.

But before it can be a joyous occasion, it is a very chaotic one; one with many decisions to be made, many back-and-forths with wedding vendors, and many nitty gritties to be dealt with. That’s why every bride needs her own squad of trusty bridesmaids.

Not only are bridesmaids very helpful in the lead up to the wedding, if you’re forgoing a wedding planner, your bridesmaids are the ones who will make sure everything goes perfectly on your big day.

If you’re on the hunt for dresses for your best girls, here’s a list of sites/shops you can visit to get your bridesmaid dresses. We have them ranked from the most affordable to the least, so whether you’re on a budget or want to splurge on your bridal party, you’ll have plenty of options.

1. Boohoo

If you do a lot of online shopping, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Boohoo.

Image Credit: Boohoo

Based in the UK, Boohoo sells on-trend clothing at affordable prices. A quick search for “bridesmaid” on their search bar will throw up a random mish-mash of styles – lace dresses, printed dresses, short dresses, long dresses – so you’ll have to pick through the lot to find one (or some) you like.

Boohoo also sells bridesmaid robes and pajamas, so you and your girls can look cute while getting ready for your special day.

Price: £12.00 – £50.00

2. Ohvola

If you like a more modern silhouette for your bridesmaids, you’ll find it at Ohvola.

Image Credit: Ohvola

Here, you won’t find your typical bridesmaid styles, but more interesting silhouettes, with asymmetrical hems, unique cutout details and colour blocked styles; basically, outfits that are cool, chic, and that your bridesmaids are sure to feel stylish in.

The one downside, however, is that most styles come in one or two fixed colours, so if it doesn’t fit your wedding colour theme, you may have to look elsewhere.

Price: SGD$29.00 – $86.00

3. The Closet Lover

The Closet Lover is another popular online shopping destination for Singaporean ladies, and occasionally, you’ll find something here that’s bridesmaid-appropriate.

Image Credit: The Closet Lover

While The Closet Lover does not have a dedicated page for bridesmaid dresses, some casual browsing through the dress section will lead you to a couple of options that just may work for a wedding.

We’re talking midi dresses with pastel hues and romantic florals. Hey, who says you can’t bend the rules a little when it comes to your own wedding?

Price: SGD$31.90 – $52.90

4. Love Bonito

Love Bonito is a brand that probably requires no introduction.

A local brand with a loyal following among Singaporean women, Love Bonito has a clothing line just for bridesmaids – the ‘LYLAS’ collection.

Image Credit: Love Bonito

They’ve got dresses, jumpsuits, and separates. The best part? Your bridesmaids will have no problem incorporating these items into their everyday wardrobes after the wedding.

With pieces in romantic, pastel hues of pink, purple and blue, as well as in darker, more dramatic blues and reds, whatever colour scheme you’re going for, Love Bonito will have just what you need.

Also, if you’re looking to get bridesmaid robes for that fun shot with your bridal squad, you’ll be able to find them here.

Price: SGD$32 – $59.90

5. Love & Bravery

Another shop that’s been around for awhile, Love & Bravery also has quite a range of styles.

Image Credit: Love & Bravery

If your wedding is going to lean more casual, Love & Bravery carries some cute short dresses that your bridesmaids can use even after the wedding. They also do some nice sheer hemmed dresses that strike a nice balance between formal and casual – perfect for the hot Singapore weather!

Price: SGD$36.00 – $49.00

6. Thread Theory

Not to be confused with Style Theory, Thread Theory is another online women’s boutique that sells bridesmaid dresses.

Image Credit: Thread Theory

If you want something with more details and embellishments, Thread Theory will probably have what you’re looking for. With styles that feature embroidered flowers, beaded panels and sequins, Thread Theory adds interest to your bridesmaid dresses without going too over the top.

On the other end of the spectrum, they also have more dressy bridesmaid styles, with tulle and illusion necklines so your bridesmaids too can feel like princesses on your big day.

Price: SGD$36.00 – $89.90

7. Intoxiquette

Romantic lace, soft pleats, pretty ruffles – Intoxiquette has them all, in pretty pastel hues.

Stocking several A-line styles, these dresses will flatter bridesmaids of all body shapes.

Image Credit: Intoxiquette

Price: SGD$39.90 – $55.90

8. Dressabelle

Dressabelle is yet another site that has great options for your bridesmaid needs.

Image Credit: Dressabelle

They’ve got layered dresses and wrap dresses. Light, airy and easy, these dresses are perfect if your bridesmaids are going to have plenty of running around to do.

Price: SGD$39.90 – $69.90

9. Double Woot

Double Woot is one of the lesser known brands on this list, but it’s one you should definitely check out, simply because of the extensive variety of styles they sell.

Image Credit: Doublewoot

Whether you’re looking for dresses with a more flowy silhouette, or ones that are more form-fitting, you’ll be able to find them at this Malaysia-based e-store.

If you want to mix up the styles your bridesmaids are wearing, this is a good place to look as they have off-the-shoulder styles, high neck styles, toga styles… Basically, every style you can think of.

Take note that shipping can take a while, so this isn’t somewhere you want to order from just a week before the wedding.

Price: SGD$43.68 – $70.98

10. Zalora

Did you know Zalora has its own line of bridesmaid dresses? And the selection is actually pretty extensive.

Image Credit: Zalora

Aside from your typical bridesmaid styles, they also have plenty of printed offerings. They also have satin dresses, which you won’t find in many of the sites listed here.

Zalora also stocks dresses from many different brands, so you can shop all of them conveniently at one place.

Price: SGD$49.90 – $299.99

11. ASOS

ASOS is the go-to place for all your fashion needs – bridesmaid dresses included.

Image Credit: ASOS

With brands like TFNC Wedding, Maya, Jarlo, John Zack, and of course, ASOS’ home brand, you can easily shop multiple brands at one location.

If your colour scheme falls out of the pastel pink, peach, blue and purple spectrum, ASOS is a good place to start looking. Here, you’ll find dresses in less common hues like sage, green and purple.

Do take note that ASOS’ styles tend to be less conservative, with bare backs and lower necklines.

Price: SGD$64.65 – $808.13

12. SOIGNÉ The Label

Another site that sells dresses with a more modern silhouette is SOIGNÉ The Label.

Image Credit: Soigne The Label

While they don’t have a dedicated section for bridesmaid dresses, it’s easy to picture some of these styles walking down the aisle with you.

Here, they stray from bridesmaid cliches with unique necklines and quirky touches, making for interesting details in all those wedding photos you’ll surely be taking.

Price: SGD$65 – $199

13. Lulus

Lulus has a beautiful range of bridesmaid dresses, but there is one downside – the price.

But hey, if you’re willing to shell out in the region of $100 per dress (shipping included), you’ll find some very nice designs here, and with very nice quality.

Image Credit: Lulus

What’s great about Lulu’s is that each style comes in a variety of colours, so you won’t have to rule out dresses because they don’t come in your desired colour.

Do take note that since Lulus is based in the US, some of the maxi dresses may run a little long on more petite Singaporean girls. That said, the sizing guide and review section are very handy when it comes to figuring out if the length or fit of a dress will be an issue.

As with ASOS, Lulus’ styles are also more revealing, so be sure your bridesmaids dare to bare before you place your order!

Price: USD$44 – $284

14. Lipsy

For sexier styles, give London-based Lipsy a look-see.

Image Credit: Lipsy

A go-to for party and occasion-wear, the site stocks a variety of brands, some of which you’ll recognize (Forever New, Bardot, Little Mistress) and some of which you may find less familiar (Scarlett & Jo, Sistaglam, Jessica Wright).

With side slits, applique details, and uber flattering ruching, the dresses here are for the bridal squad that’s got it and ain’t afraid to flaunt it.

Price: £62 – £170

Whatever style and/or colour you envision your bridal squad wearing, we’re sure you’ll find it at one of these shops. With that, happy shopping!

*All prices stated are accurate at the time of publication. Prices are all before discount. 

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