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We can’t believe it. Where has 2017 gone? Time really flies when you’re busy.

Did you manage to buy all the Christmas gifts? Did you miss out anyone? Your parents? What about your 3rd sister’s son? Don’t forget the office’s Secret Santa gift exchange too.

Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. We have a list of great Christmas gifts that are below $30. You know, so your wallet won’t burn.

Time’s running out, let’s get to it!

Gifts For One And All

1. Compact Blush Terrazzo 2018 Planner

The perfect gift to get for that organised friend, is a planner. It might sound dull to you but a planner is extremely important to any decent person that keeps track of their day.

But don’t just get any planner. Get this Olive Leaves Weekly Desk Planner ($13.90) from The Paper Bunny.

Image Credit: The Paper Bunny

It comes with 52 tear-out sheets to save you the trouble of flipping. It reminds us of the Chinese tear-out calendar that our grandparents have at home.

Buy yours now from The Paper Bunny now!

The Paper Bunny

2. Luxury Lush Pud

What better way to indulge yourself, than with a Christmas-themed bath bomb from Lush.

The Luxury Lush Pud ($15) is bright and vibrant and loaded with calming lavender oil and ylang ylang oil to lift your spirits.

Image Credit: Lush Singapore

This is the key item to having the ultimate Christmas pampering.

Get yours from the Lush website or any Lush outlet!

Price: $15

3. Biskviti Tea Infuser

We’ve seen all kinds of quirky tea infusers. From a mini titanic to manatees that hang off the edge of the cup, now we have a tea infuser that you might accidentally bite into.

The Biskviti Tea Infuser ($18.90) from Naiise is a gift suitable for the serious tea people.

Image Credit: Naiise
Image Credit: Naiise

The best part about this tea infuser, is that you can leave it in for as long as you like and it won’t become soggy.

Though, the serious tea people will tell you that 6 to 8 minutes is the best steeping duration for optimal tea flavour.

Get this quirky tea infuser from here or any Naiise outlet!


4. “Mighty Dog” Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

This is the gift for that friend with a pet dog.

A “Mighty Dog” (because Superdog is copyrighted) Dog Waste Bag Dispenser ($13.52) from Naiise that clips handily on the leash so they don’t have to awkwardly hold onto a plastic bag while walking their dog.

Image Credit: Naiise
Image Credit: Naiise

What’s more, it looks really cute. A waste bag cape for a good pupper.

Whoever thought of this is a genius.

Get it from here or any Naiise outlet.

Price: $13.52

5. GLAMGLOW Little Sexy Trio Set

Usually, ready-packaged gift packs are considered a lazy gift and are generally avoided by thoughtful gift-givers. However, we couldn’t ignore this one from Sephora.

The GLAMGLOW Little Sexy Trio Set ($29) is a selection of best-selling treatments for brighter, smoother, and softer skin.

Image Credit: Sephora Singapore

The set includes SUPERMUD® which cleans, clears and minimises your pores, YOUTHMUD® which absorbs impurities and tightens your pores, and the GRAVITYMUD™ that leaves your skin feeling tighter and more toned.

It’s the perfect pre-makeup treatment for you or any of your friends.

Hurry and get it from here or any Sephora outlet!

Price: $29

6. Shark Plush Slippers For Grown Ups

As huge fans of marine life, we couldn’t pass up on these Shark Plush Slippers For Grown Ups ($21.99) from ThinkGeek.

It’s a one-size-fits-all bedroom slipper with no-slip dots on the sole.

Image Credit: ThinkGeek

The best part, no more stubbed toes. Sharks will protect our feet from now on.

Get it on ThinkGeek.

Price: $21.99

7. Lace V-Neck Bralette

Anyone who’s tried a bralette will know that these things are absolutely LIFE-CHANGING. It’s cuter and leagues more comfortable than an actual bra (true story).

Sold in a huge array of styles, this is a gift any girl will love; the only tricky part is getting the cup size right.

Image Credit: Forever 21

We like these black lacy ones from Forever21, but you can also go for simpler ones like this and this.

Forever 21
Price: $8.90 – $12.90

8. Corgi Dogs Regular Socks

Step aside, Happy Socks. Corgi Socks is our new favourite.

This pair of Corgi Dogs Regular Socks ($24.70) is absolutely adorable. Originally launched in 2012 in commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee, these Corgi dog motif socks were so popular that they became a favourite addition to the collection.

Image Credit: Robinsons Singapore

You can get your Corgi-studded comfy socks from Robinson’s online store or any of their outlets!

Price: $24.70

9. Kult Sin City Totebags

The creative folks at Kult have a ‘Sin City‘ merchandise collection and double takes are necessary because you probably won’t see the little change in the iconic designs at first glance.

If you’re planning to gift something that’s practical, get their tote bags ($28).

Image Credit:

A tote bag is always handy and useful.

There are multiple designs that are available that you can view and purchase from here.

Price: $28

10. Actually “Ain’t Gucci” Tee

This “Ain’t Gucci” tee ($29) is a perfect gift for that friend who won’t shut up about Gucci. And listens to Gucci Mane. And loves the colours green and red.

We’re kidding. This stylish yet simple tee from Actually is a perfect gift for that Hypebeast friend.

Image Credit: Actually

Hurry and get it on Actually’s webstore!

Price: $29

11. Funko POP Porg

If you’re on the hunt for a gift for a Star Wars fan, you won’t have to look to a galaxy far far away to find something for them.

While there’s a whole bunch of Star Wars merchandise out there you can choose from, our pick is this Porg Funko Pop ($19.90) toy.

Image Credit: Best Buy

The adorable character with the huge, emotive eyes made its first appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, melting hearts all over the world.

Anyone who receives this will surely have the same reaction.

Get it from any Simply Toys outlet today!

Simply Toys
Price: $19.90

12. Piano Key Hook

We all have that absent-minded friend who is always losing their keys. This is the perfect gift for that friend.

Piano Key Hook ($25.52) from Naiise.

Image Credit: Naiise

This quirky key holder comes with 5 black key holders that also double as whistles.

Image Credit: Naiise

Fun and useful! Potentially annoying. But still a great gift for that forgetful friend.

Get it from here or any Naiise outlet!

Price: $25.52

We always tell ourselves to buy presents earlier next Christmas, though we know that we’ll always end up doing last minute Christmas shopping.

Oh well, we’ll start earlier next year.

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