5 Ways To Enjoy Your Chicken Wing Without Getting Your Fingers Dirty

Chicken wings are the world’s favourite finger food. You can’t go wrong with chicken wings. Always a party favourite, they come in an ever-growing variety of flavours.

If you’re craving for some chicken wings, Deliveroo has got your back with Wing It Wednesday. Every Wednesday in January, chicken wings go for 50% off!

Discounts aside, there is one tiny downside to eating chicken wings though: You’re bound to get your fingers dirty.

Because we hate dealing with greasy fingers, we’ve come up with 5 ways to enjoy your wings without getting your fingers dirty.

1. Get Someone To Feed You

If you’re looking to keep your fingers clean while decimating your chicken wing, get someone to feed it to you. Like royalty.

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These Garang Chilli Wings ($7.50, U.P $14.99) from Garang Grill are a spicy affair.

For a non-spicy alternative, go for the mild and sweet Honey Butter Wings ($7.50, U.P $14.99). Sticky sweet caramelized honey butter coated wings sound really good right now and you won’t even get your fingers dirty!

2. Wear Disposable Plastic Gloves

If you’re unable to find someone to feed you chicken wings at a moment’s notice, then maybe try something a little more practical.

Wear disposable plastic gloves. Like the ones that they hand out to people at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant and Captain K.

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When armed with a plastic glove, the world becomes your plate. Take on Sarpino’s Chicken Wings ($4.45, U.P $8.90), armed with your trusty plastic glove.

Choose from BBQ, Sweet Chilli, or Cayenne Rub flavours. No sauce is going to stain your fingers. Not today.

3. Use A Fork And Knife

To keep your fingers looking and feeling pristine, how about reaching for the trusty fork and knife?

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Perfect for digging into the Ganjang (Soya) Wings ($6.42, U.P $12.84), the bestseller at Chicken Up. Fresh deep fried chicken wings slathered with a special soya sauce blend.

But if you’re looking to kick things up a notch, go for the Yangnyum Wings ($6.42, U.P $12.84) or the Spicy Yangnyum Wings ($6.42, U.P $12.84). The chicken wings are coated in a sweet chilli sauce for a spicy kick.

Sounds like a pain to clean up afterwards – we’ll stick to our forks and knives.

4. Have Your Butler Remove The Bones For You

For the richer folks, have your butler remove the bones for you.

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It’s stress-free, and you don’t have to do any work. Just eat. Since you already have someone removing the bones for you, might as well keep eating.

Get the 12 Piece Wing Set ($8.23, U.P $16.45) from Wing Zone and the second set comes at 50% off! We recommend going for their signature Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings – zesty and peppery with hints of garlic and parmesan flavours.

So many chicken wings, and none of the work. Most importantly, clean fingers!

5. Eat Your Chicken Wing Next To Running Water

You must be truly desperate to come to this point.

If you’re deathly afraid of greasy fingers but still love your chicken wings, then we suggest eating your chicken wing next to running water.

Like so.

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Since you’re already washing your hands while eating, how about some lemongrass from The Orange Lantern’s Fried Chicken Wings ($4.55, U.P $9.10) that are marinated with lemongrass before being deep-fried to perfection.

It might sound ludicrous and a complete waste of water, but if you’re that afraid of oil then this is one ridiculous way to (stressfully) enjoy your wing.

Let’s admit that at the end of the day, the best way to enjoy a chicken wing is to get your hands greasy, to extract every shiok bit of chicken from the bones.

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Starting the year with weekly Chicken wing Nights sounds like a great family and friends bonding session. So don’t miss out on Deliveroo’s Wing It Wednesday promotion this January!

Key in the promo code ‘DISCOVER2018’ for 2 free deliveries on your first 2 orders!

Promo code is valid for new customers only.

This article is written in collaboration with Deliveroo.

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