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If you’ve ever been to Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, then you’d know the struggle of having to contend with the limited options we have in our supermarkets.

The famous Australian market, spanning 2 city blocks in Melbourne, is a vibrant inner-city market that has everything from fresh gourmet food and produce, souvenirs, cosmetics and even clothing.

Soon, Singaporeans won’t have to travel all the way to Australia for the farmers market experience. That’s right, Johor will be getting their own version of the Queen Victoria Market.

A Farmers Market Experience Right Next Door 

Spanning 2.34 hectares (that’s slightly bigger than 2 football fields), the B5 Johor Street Market will house 168 retail spaces and bring job opportunities for 1000 local residents.

Image Credit: OhSemput

The street market will involve 5 main elements, a retail bazaar, food trucks, a box park, food and beverage stores, and a hub for Johor’s cultural exhibitions.

The B5 Johor Street Market aims to attract more local tour guides, food operators, as well as art enthusiasts and is primed to be the next big tourist attraction in Johor.

The development, located over part of Pekan Tampoi, is expected to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

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