Inflatable Animals And Mythical Creatures Take Over Marina Bay This March

There are plenty of events happening in March but not everything caters well to children.

But not this one.

Image Credit: DiscoverSG
Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018

The Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018 is the coolest and largest experiential art playground in Singapore this March!

A Bouncing Good Time

From 9 March 2018 to 1 April 2018, The Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018 welcomes visitors of all ages to embark on a colourful journey with larger-than-life animals, plants and mythical creatures.

With various themed inflatables, the Art-Zoo is not just colourful, it’s incredibly fun.

The first thing that’ll capture your attention, is the huge Unicorn, rising above the rest of the inflatables.

The most fabulous inflatable in the park, is the “Magical Rainbow” inflatable slide.

Image Credit: Art-Zoo Pte Ltd

Standing at 19m, this inflatable is nearly as tall as 4 and half double-deck buses stacked on top of one another!

Step into “The Beetles”, which are a cluster of inflatables resembling ladybirds. The largest ladybird is hollow and contains multiple luminous balls that make for the perfect Kodak moment.

Image Credit: Art-Zoo Pte Ltd
Image Credit: DiscoverSG
Image Credit: DiscoverSG
Image Credit: DiscoverSG
Image Credit: DiscoverSG

Another inflatable to look out for is the “BBB – Bubbly Bear Bath” which features the iconic Art-Zoo bear in a bath, complete with 150,000 white balls and other inflatables such as a body brush and a bar of soap!

Image Credit: Art-Zoo Pte Ltd
Image Credit: DiscoverSG
Image Credit: Art-Zoo Pte Ltd

This is a fun one because it’s essentially a ball pit. However, do watch out as it can get slippery.

There are many more inflatables for the kids and adults alike, to explore. Every inflatable makes for a great photo opportunity with their vibrant colours and adorable designs.

You can purchase your tickets online here for $17.80 per person.

If you purchase your tickets in a group of 4, the ticket price will be slightly cheaper at $16.80.

You can also purchase your tickets at the on-site box office for $18.

Children under 24 months get free admission with each full paying ticket.

So gather your friends, family, nephew, niece and other young children in the family, and hurry down to Art-Zoo @ i Light Marina Bay 2018!

Art-Zoo @ i Light Marina Bay 2018
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay, 20 Raffles Ave, Singapore, 039805
Date: 9 Mar – 1 Apr 2018
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 5pm – 10pm, Fri – Sun, Public And School Holidays: 3pm – 10pm

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(Header Image Source: Art-Zoo Pte Ltd)

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