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With the drama surrounding Mediacorp’s decision to air the upcoming MasterChef Singapore on Channel 8, let me just take the time to inform everyone that technically, Singapore already has a MasterChef.

That’s right. Everyone seems to have conveniently forgot about MasterChef Asia, and that we had Singaporean contestants participating in said competition.

It gets better. The winner of MasterChef Asia is Singaporean. Meet Woo Wai Leong.

Image Credit: Woo Wai Leong Facebook

The 30-year-old home cook won the coveted title of MasterChef back in 2015.

Food Porn By A MasterChef

If you love food like I do, then allow me to introduce the Instagram account of MasterChef Woo Wai Leong to you.

The MasterChef Asia winner uploads some of the most interesting dishes he’s tasted, as well as his wonderfully quirky and interesting creations, on Instagram and every dish is a gastronomical delight.

As someone who enjoys reading menus to see what unique food combinations chef come up with, Chef Woo’s Instagram captions are informative and interesting to me.

I mean, just look.

He takes Instant noodles to the next level. Mascarpone and Instant noodles! Genius. This dish leaves even the best Maggi Goreng you can find in Singapore, in the dust.

Salad You Tiao (dough fritters) meets Ngoh Hiang. And the entire You Tiao is wrapped in caul fat before it was deep fried. I am shook, honestly. I’ve never seen anyone use caul fat except maybe in a cooking anime.

If you’re sick of regular vegetarian pizzas, feast your eyes on this tofu pizza. Traditionally asian ingredients in an Italian staple. How is tofu butter even made? Tofu butter isn’t the only unique butter that Chef Woo makes. Check out this next dish.

Did you know that the most intense flavour of a prawn lies within the head? Chef Woo managed to bring out that flavour, turned it into prawn head butter and used it in his own rendition of Char Kway Teow.

Just reading the description of this literal sin on a plate is about to give me a heart attack.

Another one of Chef Woo’s Indomie creations. This one uses Shaoxing beurre blanc (reduced white butter sauce) and topped with Chinese caviar. Is that even Indomie anymore?

If you enjoy Chef Woo’s gastronomic creations, you can see more on his Instagram.

He will also be at the District Design Dialogue – Holland Village in the Locked-In-A-Room Session: Ask Me Anything, as one of the guest speakers.

Who said Singapore has no talent?

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(Header Image Source: Australian Network News)