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We’ve heard of the “Best Job In The World”.

Now, leading e-commerce travel platform ZUJI is going to challenge that title with their own position.

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That’s right. ZUJI Singapore is looking for an individual to be their “Hospitality Curator” (nicknamed Bed Tester) who will be responsible for trying all of the beds available to customers, ensuring that the beds have the ZUJI seal of approval before being sold.

Image Credit: ZUJI
Image Credit: ZUJI

Applicants will need to have a thirst for travel and appreciation for culture across the globe.

If hired, the official “Bed Tester” will be flown in business class at all times, and will be encouraged to spend time in each destination, getting to know the local cultural background.

Application for the “Bed Tester” position is now open. Interested parties can read up on the job requirements and apply here.

Shortlisted candidates will be notified by email on 1 April 2018.

We tried to apply but they were asking for our resumé. Can’t have our bosses seeing that. Everything sounds too good to be true.

Will you apply?

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