No Need For Starbucks Anymore - The Largest Co-working Space In S'pore Is Perfect For Freelancers

Whether you’re a freelancer or a startup, co-working spaces are ideal if you’re looking for a space to work at without the fuss of dealing with traditional work space costs.

Working from the comfort of your home may seem like an ideal working situation but it may not always be the most conducive environment to work in.

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Let’s admit it, we all need some sort of human interaction at the end of the day.

JustCo, the brainchild of JustGroup, provides a vibrant co-working space in Singapore for businesses of all shapes and sizes to make work much more enjoyable for you.

Goodbye Procrastination, Hello Productivity

JustCo is Singapore’s largest co-working space provider. Beyond the aesthetic of their spaces, they emphasise on fostering a JustCommunity that encourages productivity and collaborations amongst members.

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With over 4 centres islandwide, JustCo recently launched two new centres, Ocean Financial Centre and Marina Square, to make room for more businesses to enjoy their spaces and facilities.

JustCo at Marina Square is Singapore’s first ever co-working space in a retail mall in the Marina Centre Precint.

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Did we mention that Marina Square has plenty of dining and shopping options for you to hit up for lunch or after work. Sounds like the perfect location to us!

If you’re a freelancer who does not require a workspace daily, JustCo provides hot desk space rental options which starts from $98/month.

The JustDesk (basic) includes access to a desk in the common workspace next to other aspiring professionals, full suite services such as printing services, entertainment rooms as well as access to networking sessions.

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If you’re a large company looking at conducting your business in an exclusive studio space just for you and your colleagues, JustCo provides a JustStudio which starts from $800/month.

The JustStudio provides your business with an exclusive studio for you to call home. Best part you get 24/7 access to your designated centre so you can work at any time you prefer.

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That’s not all. We know meetings in your office can be dreary. JustCo has meeting rooms available in a range of sizes to give you a more inspiring and creative environment to work in.

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Whether you’ve got flexible hours or just starting out, JustCo is ideal for all professionals so you no longer have to blow your money at cafes and praying for a decent wifi connection.

Find your nearest location here
$98/month – $800/month

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