If you’ve seen any American Pie movie or Bad Neighbours, you’d know that Hollywood has a rather dramatic portrayal of university life.

The insane frat parties, loud party music, kegs upon kegs of booze, and all the coolest kids in school.

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While this lifestyle may not be ideal for everyone, there are those who want to experience it for themselves.

Enter Alpha Sigma, Singapore’s first American Fraternity house-themed party at Club AVRY.

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The event, a collaboration between a group of university students and Club AVRY, will be happening this Wednesday, 11 April 2018.

Are you 18?

To enter, you will need to present your university matriculation card and ID. If you’re alumni, you may also use your old matriculation card. Entry is free for ladies and $10 for guys. It’s for the House Fund.

On top of that, everyone will get a free initiation drink on the house. Guests who wish to join Alpha Sigma will have to perform a special ritual and down a super drink before entry is granted. Classic frat house.

Each party will be powered by DJs from various universities. This week’s party will feature selected DJs from NUS.

During the party, look out for activities such as Beer Pong (of course), Beer Bong, and the Tequila boys who will be going around with water guns filled with vodka.

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If you’re wondering what Beer Bong is, it’s that funnel thing where beer is poured through, directly into various gaping mouths awaiting booze.

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There’ll also be a Gummy Bear going around with a bag of alcoholic gummy bears.

Find and show him the number of Instastories you’ve taken at Alpha Sigma and he’ll give you a handful of vodka gummy bears corresponding to the number of Instastories you’ve taken.

And that’s not all. At the end of the night, Jello Shots will be given to all guests. Take a photo of yourself doing the Alpha sign, tag #Clout #AVRY #AlphaSigma, and upload it to Instagram.

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Present the Instagram post at the door and every 20 likes gets you 1 free Jello Shot redemption coupon, with a maximum of 10 Jello Shots redeemable per person.

Beers go for $10 a bottle at Alpha Sigma. But if you think you’re a fast drinker, challenge the Beer Chugging Wall Of Fame.

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Chug a beer as fast as you can and if you finish within the top 3 timings, you’ll get the bottle of beer for free!

If you’re looking to experience a fraternity house party for yourself, gather your friends and head down to Alpha Sigma at Club AVRY this Wednesday!

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Alpha Sigma
Venue: Club AVRY, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk 2nd Floor, Nihon St., Singapore, 039596
Date: 11 Apr 2018
Time: 10pm – 3am
Price: $10 for guys, Free for ladies

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