Face Your Fears This Friday The 13th At Science Centre's New Exhibition

Does the thought of drowning scare you?

What about being buried alive?

Face your fears at this brand new exhibition that explores the science behind fear.

Rationalise and conquer your fears at Phobia²: The Science of Fear from 13th April onwards.

Clowns, Coffins And Claustrophobia

Guests will embark on a journey about common fears and phobias as well as self-discovery. So if you’re planning on overcoming your fears, we suggest you bring a friend with you.

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This exhibition is designed to stimulate guests with a low-level anxiety experience so you don’t have to worry about any clowns jumping on you or being trapped in a tiny box.

We went through it and survived to tell the tale. We promise you, it’s 100% safe.

Designed by Newman Entertainment International (NEI), the exhibition features all sorts of interactive galleries for guests to gain a better understanding about fear.

Here are the galleries we highly recommend!

Buried Alive

Buried Alive Gallery

Have you ever had a dream where you’re being buried alive and you scream but no one ever hears you?

Taphophobia is the fear of being buried alive. So if you ever want to know how it feels like to be buried alive, all you have to do is slide under the coffin and see it for yourself.

We got to try it out ourselves, safe to say, we don’t ever want to face that situation ever again.

Sideshow Carnival

We all hate clowns. Nobody likes clowns.

Needless to say, this clown gallery scared the living daylights out of us.

Sideshow Carnival Gallery

You can expect to enter a space which is decorated like a side-show carnival. This room contains various sculptures, a life sized comical clown and interactive displays.

This was hands down the freakiest gallery in the entire exhibition.

We could barely last more than 5 minutes in this room.


Claustrophobia Gallery

Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces and boy oh boy, this particular one felt like there was no way out.

As you walk into this tunnel, it becomes smaller so you are required to stoop down and squeeze out into a small winding tunnel to exit.

The exit was so small that we had to get down on our hands and legs just to be able to get out.

Do remember that you can bypass this experience by taking a ‘Chicken Out’ door.

The Stage Is Yours

The Stage Is Yours Gallery

Have you ever given a speech in school or work that made your palms sweaty and your knees go weak?

Speaking in front of a crowd may come naturally for some but a nightmare for others.

The exhibit offers guests the opportunity to stand in front of a projection dome. You are to read out loud from a teleprompter to a projected audience who will then react in real-time to the comments made in the speech.

We couldn’t help but feel slightly insecure when the crowd started laughing mid-speech but don’t worry, they’ll give you a standing ovation at the end.

Give this one a try if you haven’t tried speaking in front of a crowd.

Sitting For An Exam

Sitting For An Exam Gallery

Studying for an exam is pretty nerve wrecking, especially when your final grades depend on it.

Enter a room with study desks that contain TV panels built within the desk tops.

Through the TV panels, students will share their experiences on exam fears and provide tips on how to overcome them.

If you know someone who fears sitting for an exam, bring them here to learn tips and tricks on how to overcome their fears.

Phobia²: The Science of Fear is the perfect opportunity for you to conquer your fears. With over 14 galleries for you to choose from, this exhibition is truly educational and highly interactive.

Who knows, you might eventually face your fears this Friday the 13th.

Grab your friends, gather some courage and head on down to Science Centre for this exciting exhibition!

Phobia²: The Science of Fear
Admission to the exhibition is free. Standard admission charges to the Science Centre applies.
Address: 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
Contact No.: 6425-2500

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