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#PulangMengundi is a trend that went viral all over social media beginning early last week.

It all started when Malaysians received news that the General Elections are set for May 9. Ever since the #PulangMengundi went viral on the Twitterverse, it was filled with interactions between Malaysians who wanted to return home to vote.

Plenty of Malaysians working in Singapore were concerned regarding taking time off to vote as it falls right smack in the middle of a work week as well as the expensive travel costs.

From #PulangMengundi to #CarpoolGE14, Malaysians unite to ensure voters turn up. 

Jom Undi!


There’s a #PulangMengundi website that aims to connect Malaysians with other Malaysians to help them travel home to vote by providing carpool services and travel subsidies.

If you’re looking for a carpool ride to and fro Singapore, all you have to do is key in your pick up and the location you’re heading to.

You will be able to check and connect with other drivers heading towards the same direction as you.

Pulang Mengundi

2. Undi Rabu

UndiRabu is sponsoring FREE buses to certain locations throughout Malaysia.

Although there are no pick ups from Singapore, the next nearest pick up will be from JB City Square Mall.

Do hurry and check out the available routes as some are already sold out.

Undi Rabu

3. JomBalikUndi Whatsapp Group

JomBalikUndi is a carpooling initiative set up by Malaysians for Malaysians.

They’re organising WhatsApp groups to rent cars together.

All you have to do is fill out their form and you will be matched to the relevant WhatsApp groups.

Drivers/passengers can fill out the form here.

4. Check out #CarpoolGE14 on Twitter

Maximise your chances of getting a carpool match on Twitter by using the hashtag ‘#CarpoolGE14‘. You can also follow @CarpoolGE14 on Twitter for more updates.

There are plenty of drivers and passengers looking for carpool matches. If you’re lucky, you might just find someone from Singapore heading up to Malaysia for the elections.

If you’re looking for a ride, do remember to help your drivers out or offer a small token for their kind gesture.

5. Jom Balik Undi Facebook Groups

This Facebook group are connecting drivers and passengers to find carpool matches. There are plenty of Malaysians working in Singapore offering their seats or even looking at sharing car rental costs.

There’s also a google sheet form which you can use to check if there are any drivers travelling from Singapore to Malaysia.

To ensure that your carpool experience is a safe one, do remember to exchange contact details prior to your journey home.

Our hearts are filled with joy knowing that there are plenty of initiatives taken to help Malaysians to vote!

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With the elections less than a month away, we hope that you find a travel option so that you can turn up to vote!

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