You Can Now Find Free Books Around S'pore Thanks To This Emma Watson-Backed Movement

Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed reading as a hobby and it was never a chore. I never understood why some of my friends cannot stand the thought of reading a book.

After all, when you’re on social media, aren’t you reading too? For all my fellow bibliophiles, there’s an international movement that’s gone global and has spread to more than 100 countries – The Book Fairies.

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Originating in London, the movement gained (even more) popularity after everyone’s favourite smart witch, Hermione Granger, I mean, Emma Watson hid feminist books around New York City in celebration of International Women’s Day in 2017.

Do You Believe In Book Fairies?

Now that The Book Fairies have flown over to Singapore, this means that there are book drops happening, so eyes open everyone!

So far, books have been found in Changi Airport, The Singapore Zoo, and even the Peranakan Museum!

Image Credit: The Book Fairies
Image Credit: The Book Fairies

Books that have been hidden by book fairies can be identified by a green ribbon wrapped around the book, as well as the signature “The Book Fairies” sticker.

This international movement is not an exclusive thing though. Anyone can join in.

All you have to do is buy their green ribbons and stickers from “The Book Fairies” shop here, wrap a book of your choosing, pick a secret public location (but not too secret please, we WANT to find them) and hide the books!

Image Credit: The Book Fairies

Also, with International Museum Day coming up on 18, 19 and 20 May 2018, The Book Fairies are encouraging book fairies to hide books in and around museums around the world.

Image Credit: The Book Fairies

So that’s a clue to finding books this coming weekend.

Now, what book should I hide next….

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You Can Now Find Free Books Around S’pore Thanks To This Emma Watson-Backed Movement

For all my fellow bibliophiles, there's an international movement that's gone global and is now in 26 countries - The Book Fairies. The movement is now in Singapore. Books have been found in Changi Airport, The Singapore Zoo, and even the Peranakan Museum!

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