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You’ve probably heard about Singapore’s booming food scene. However, what people don’t really tell you is that we’re also pretty religious. From various divination methods to geomancy (also known as fengshui), Singapore has no shortage of local occult practices and quirks.

Recently, I came across an intriguing little thing known as Aura Photography and as someone who enjoys reading up on horoscopes and zodiacs (don’t judge me), this is just right up my alley.

So I decided to try and get my aura read because why not?

Now there are 2 different ways of discerning and deciphering your aura – Aura Reading and Aura Photography.

We initially headed to Fu Lu Shou Complex at Albert Park because there’s a shop there offering Aura Photography services but turns out they increased their price for it. $30 for Aura Photography? Not today, Capitalism. Not today.

So we went off to Fortune Centre in search for another aura reading option. For those who don’t know, Bencoolen and Albert Park is a hotspot for occult practices. I’m not talking about voodoo shenanigans.

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The area is full of stores selling amulets, trinkets, sculptures of Taoist deities and the like. Fortune Centre is a building that seems to cater to Buddhists due to the sheer number of vegetarian eateries in and around the mall.

While the mall itself has an interesting collection of shops, from tiny hobby shops, to Geomancy services and even a calligraphist, we didn’t find any aura reading services.

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We were going to give up because we had our auras, but we had no one to decipher them. What a struggle. How am I supposed to know if my love life was about to improve in the next 3 months?

As we were heading back towards the famous Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple along Waterloo Street, we saw it. Aura reading for $10.

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This was the sign we needed so in we went to inquire about the process of aura reading. This was the more basic aura reading that uses different crystals instead of aura photography.

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There were quite a bit of disclaimers though. According the lady who was conducting the aura reading, the result of the reading is not set in stone and it is subject to change just like my mood and external circumstance. Just like EVERYTHING in the universe.

That’s not all, the reading is only valid and “applicable” for the following 3 months. That’s if my mood and external circumstance doesn’t change it first.

So, now that I’ve had the terms and conditions read to me, we got started. I was skeptical as to how accurate this was going to be, so I thought, I might throw them some false information when asked.

The lady told me to pick out 11 crystals from a bag and place them on a labelled cloth.

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After successfully picking out 11 crystals that resemble the colours in my wardrobe (lots of dark or neutral tones), it was time to get my aura read.

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The first thing she said was that there were no changes (good and bad) to my career. I was asked if I was in a creative industry. I told her I was an accountant (lol) but she told me I wasn’t meant for desk-bound jobs because I hate being restricted or limited and the creative industry would suit me better.

Well, while that sure sounds good, it’s also pretty generic. I mean, who likes being restricted? This isn’t 50 Shades of Grey.

Interpersonal Relationships

According to the cubic crystals of fate, I’m very good at forming and maintaining interpersonal relations. I’m incredibly likeable as you can see.

However, the lady also divined that I had to stay alert for there are darker forces working against me. “Beware of backstabbers”, she warned. Oh my, I didn’t know I was famous enough to have haters and backstabbers.

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That’s not all, along with my backstabbing haters, I do have benefactors although they don’t seem to be as strong as the searing hatred of my backstabbers.

I’m sorry, my dear benefactors. Saranghaeyo.


I’ve been single for my entire life and considering my passive attitude towards finding a partner, I’m pretty sure that nothing’s changing in the near future.

So imagine my shock when she mentioned that my love life seems “promising”. She even confirmed with my colleague who was sniggering – “He’s very popular with the girls right?” All my colleague could muster was an unconvincing “Sure jan” nod.

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Honestly though, she said my love life is blooming.

First of all, WHAT. Where? If someone was coming into my life, I think I would’ve seen it by now. But the crystals have spoken, so it must be true. WHERE ART THOU, MY BELOVED?


This aspect wasn’t a good read. Apparently I should be more careful about my legs because they’re prone to injury. But, I don’t even do anything physically demanding.

Next, I need to take better care of my digestive system and drink more water. Is this a warning? It’s true that I skip lunches at least twice a week and hold my bladder for hours. But drink more water?

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I’m the biggest advocate of drinking water among my friends so this is a lie. Any increase of water intake might probably lead to water poisoning, to be honest.

The kind divination lady ended off the aura reading session with a summary – drink more water, stay alert of backstabbers, be careful of leg-related injuries and keep my eyes open for potential romantic partners.

While I’m still skeptical about the reading, I’d say that it’s at least 60% accurate. If you’re feeling a little lost or confused or experiencing a quarter life crisis, then this might help to point you in the right direction and give you a little more clarity about your life.

Now that I think about it, maybe these ladies are just really good at judging reactions and tailoring their responses to match. But who knows?

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