'Don' You Love A Good Rice Bowl? Get Them Delivered, Or Self-Collect Them From NTU, NUS and CBD

Singapore’s Japanese food scene has evolved a lot ever since we were introduced to the cuisine. From sushi to Ramen, Udon, Don, Teppanyaki, and Shabu Shabu steamboats, there are plenty of restaurants offering Japanese food all over Singapore.

However, not many have the option of delivery because the cuisine places emphasis on the freshness of the food as it is prepared and presented – and delivery directly contradicts this aspect of Japanese cuisine.

Enter Don Play Play.

As their name suggests, they don’t mess around when it comes to their dons.

Don’t Play With Don Play Play

Don Play Play is a new food delivery service that provides and delivers Japanese rice bowls (dons) at wallet-friendly prices to students and faculty of NUH and NTU, as well as workers in the CBD.

They have 6 items on their complete menu. While the menu seems limited, the demand is quite overwhelming.

You can choose from the Truffle Beef Yakiniku Don, Salmon Chirashi Don, Chicken Grain Bowl, Salmon Sashimi Salad, Unagi Don, and Salmon Mentaiko Don. Everything on the menu is $12.80.

don play play
Image Credit: Don Play Play

Their bestsellers are the Salmon Chirashi Don that comes with fresh salmon sashimi, tamago cubes, ikura, vinegared sushi rice, wasabi and pink ginger, and the Unagi Don which comes with Teriyaki-glazed grilled unagi, 63-degree onsen egg, and Japanese garlic fried rice.

don play play
Image Credit: Don Play Play
don play play
Image Credit: Don Play Play

Look at the gorgeous glaze on that unagi. Mmmm…

don play play
Image Credit: Don Play Play

The Salmon Mentaiko Don uses fresh Norwegian salmon and their own homemade spicy mentaiko sauce, and comes topped with a 63-degree onsen egg.

To be honest, everything on their menu sounds delicious.

Delivery And Pickup

So currently, you can choose to have your food delivered to you, or pickup your food from a fixed location.

For delivery, there is a $64 minimum order (5 rice bowls) and a $10 delivery fee on top of that. However, delivery is free for orders above $128.

Orders for NTU, NUS and the CBD can have their orders delivered at no minimum order amount and no delivery fee, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively.

Now, if you choose to pick up your food, there are fixed pickup points in NUS, NTU, and the CBD.

Check out their pickup locations and timeslots here.

If you’re ordering from NUS, NTU or the CBD, better do so earlier because the rice bowls sell out FAST.

Don Play Play have also mentioned that they will be further expanding their menu in future, so keep a look out!

If you’re thinking of ordering from Don Play Play, it’s best to do so in a group so delivery is free. Now, who’s up for don?

Don Play Play

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(Header Image Source: Don Play Play)

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