In recent months, many fast food chains have been taking the surprising initiative to remove plastic from their establishments.

Who would’ve thought that FAST FOOD restaurants would be the ones to lead the charge in the fight against global warming and pollution?

If you haven’t seen, Deliveroo has pledged to do its part to cut down the use of plastic with the introduction of an “opt-in function” for cutlery on World Environment Day (5 June).

That’s not all, KFC has also stopped serving beverages with plastic caps and straws since 20 June 2018.

Now, the world’s most iconic coffee brand, Starbucks, has decided to join in the fight, and remove plastic straws from their drinks.

The Last Straw

While this initiative is currently in full effect in Seattle, their homeground, it has not been implemented in Singapore yet.

Image Credit: Starbucks Melody

The replacements for the lack of straws are the new plastic covers that interestingly resembles my baby cousin’s sippy cup.

Image Credit: Starbucks
Image Credit: Starbucks

But this is better than nothing I suppose. People were initially confused as to how they were going to drink from their cups without straws, which led to a small burst of memes mocking these complainers.

It’s a cup. Drink as per normal. Duh.

For your Starbucks drinks that come with a copious amount of whipped cream (frappucinos), don’t worry, straws will still be provided. These straws will be made with compostable plastic or paper.

Image Credit: US News And World Report

While we wait for this new ‘sippy cup’ lid to come to Singapore, if you’re the type who desperately requires straws, consider getting your very own metal straw.

Honestly, the Earth potentially dying is more important than you getting foam on your upper lip. Please, do your part to save the environment.

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(Header Image Source: CNN Money)

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