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As you’ve already noticed, many fast food chains and restaurants are coming up with a locally-inspired menu because National Day is just 2 weeks away.

With a sudden surge in Nasi Lemak and Durian menus across the island, we gladly welcome ANYTHING ELSE that isn’t any of the abovementioned flavours.

For National Day, good guy Burger King brought back their popular Rendang Tendergrill and Hainanese Tendergrill.

While there wasn’t much fanfare, it certainly kept their loyal subjects content.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you thought that was all that Burger King was offering for the nation’s birthday, think again.

They also unveiled some delicious-looking snacks and add-ons to go with your Tendergrill burgers.

burger king
Image Credit: Burger King

Here at DiscoverSG, we LOVE our Teh, if you couldn’t already tell. So while this little menu item was missed by most people, it didn’t miss our Teh-spotting eyes.

Sneaky sneaky. But we see you, Teh Tarik Pie.

burger king
Image Credit: Twitter User Xavier Lur

If you love your Teh, then you should give this a shot. For just $1, it’s available at all Burger King outlets islandwide.

However, you can’t seem to have it delivered at the moment, so maybe just order and have it in Burger King instead.

At the moment, there’s no date given as to when the Teh Tarik Pie will be discontinued. So go get it while stocks last!

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(Header Image Source: Twitter User Xavier Lur)