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Did you hear? The highly anticipated Twilight: Flea and Feast is back again for it’s third edition! If you missed out on #TWILIGHT18 earlier on in February, don’t fret. From 3 – 5 August, make your way down to the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre for a day of browsing through dozens of flea stalls, free movie screenings and of course, sinking your teeth in tasty eats!

This indoor bazaar houses over 100 stalls selling popular street food, clothes, accessories and handmade crafts. This time round, you guys are in for a real treat as you’ll find more than 50 F&B vendors – you probably won’t know where to start!

For the first time since its inception, all vendors showcased at the event will be local. Which is why this year’s edition of TWILIGHT will be themed “Proudly Local” so both vendors and visitors get to celebrate everything we love and remember about Singapore.

To help you out with your upcoming shopping and gastronomic adventure, we’ve listed out some of our favourite makan and shopping vendors that you HAVE to visit!

What To Makan

1. Saiko

Think of Saiko as the elevated version of your typical pasar malam takoyaki joint!

Serving up Japanese street food realness, Saiko serves takoyaki in sizeable portions with full bite-sized fillings. You can choose from 3 different fillings – octopus, chicken and braised mushrooms. You also have the option of mixing 2 different fillings in one serving.

Twilight Flea & Feast
Image Credit: Discover SG

Other selections include Classic, Dashi (takoyaki with dashi broth, bonito flakes and scallions) and Miso (takoyaki with miso butter and rice krispies). Top it all off with a perfectly cooked onsen egg for just an additional $2!

We promise you that the takoyaki from Saiko won’t disappoint!

2. Burgernomics

Burgernomics got everyone raving over them when they first opened at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre. They aim to differentiate themselves by keeping their burgers honest and simple, but with a distinctive Asian twist.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @burgernomics_sg

This time round, you get to satisfy your burger cravings without having to travel all the way down to Pasir Ris!

We heard that their burgers are really popular at events so head down early to avoid the long queues.

3. Inariku

If you eat, sleep and breathe all things Japanese, then you’re going to love this one.

Trained at the Tokyo Sushi Academy to fortify her passion for Japanese cooking, you can expect her highly raved lobster inari which comes in small sets of 4, ramen, unagi bento and more!

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @ria897

We recommend getting her lobster inari which is a combination of lobster and squid salad which sits atop a bed of sushi rice. All these premium ingredients are nestled within some Inariage aka Aburaage (the sweet beancurd pouch) and finished off with some Japanese mayonnaise.

4. O’Braim

O’Braim entered the pasar malam circuit around 2016 selling goreng pisang (banana fritters) with a modern twist.

They sell banana fritters in different flavours, including chocolate and cheese with condensed milk, while using a goreng pisang recipe passed down from their grandmother.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @redroselips

You’ll always find long queues at their stall which also means “confirm plus chop good”.

5. Ikan1986

A must have at every BBQ, their freshly grilled otah is one of the best we’ve had at any pop-up events!

Based on a traditional family recipe dating back to 1986, their staple menu item has fed scores of people ever since.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @ikan1986

Made with fresh mackerel and a select number of equally fresh herbs and spices, their freshly grilled otah remains a delightful way to please the palate and tummy; either as an afternoon snack or part of a meal.

6. Egg Stop

Opening early August 2018 at Paya Lebar Square, you’ll get to try their sandwiches first at Twilight Flea & Feast.

Although we don’t know much about them yet, their sandwiches look like the perfect mid-afternoon snack.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @eggstopsg

Just look at all that filling spilling out of their sandwich. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely excited to try this one out!

7. Katoshka

Katoshka needs no introduction from us. They’re seen at almost every bazaar/pop-up events that they’re pretty much a household name by now.

They go by a very simple concept: good ol’ fries served in cups laden in different sauces, from special cheese, sour ranch, chilli beef and sambal cheese.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @thekatoshka

If you love their fries as much as we do, then go get yourself a cup (or two) at Twilight!

8. Naughty Boyz

Known for their spicy mac and cheese, this is the perfect meal for sharing.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @naughtyboyz_

Their mac and cheese is bound to be a gooey delight. I mean, who doesn’t like cheese?


BOO:EH serves up inspired butterbeer like the ones you see in Harry Potter World. This homemade brew consists of 2 parts – soothing liquid gold and dreamy butterscotch foam.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit:

The flavour is so rejuvenating and unique that it transports you to a magical world at the first sip.

What To Buy

10. The Rattan Baby

Every season the fashion world brings with it a corpus of new bag trends. So much so, that deciding which one to add to your already swelling collection can be a task in itself.

A woven hand-held basket, a tote or an oversized shopper, whichever style you choose, it’s sure to be a failsafe option that works for all occasions from a casual walk in the park to a dinner date.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @therattanbaby

Get your stylish woven rattan bags for The Rattan Baby at very affordable prices!

11. Soul Singapore

For all you mummies and daddies looking for a new sling to carry your baby around comfortably, check out Soul Singapore!

If you’ve been looking for a brand new baby carrier for awhile now, then you’ll love how airy their material is especially in Singapore’s crazy heat.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @soulsingapore

Comfortable, easy to use, safe and stylish products for all your baby carrying needs!

12. Pindemic

Wear your heart on your sleeve with their pins – literally. Pledge your allegiance, indulge in your daydreams, celebrate the everyday, decorate your possessions and publicly declare your obsessions.

Image Credit: @pindemic

Each design is based on an original work of art and is then crafted to high standards to ensure that the beauty of the art is carried through in each pin.

If you love switching things up with your wardrobe, then you’ll love these pins from Pindemic.

13. Raf Raf Baby

Are you a sneakerhead? Do you wish your kids have cool and stylish kicks as well?

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @rafrafshoes

Get your babies or toddlers some stylish new kicks that they’ll wear and love!

14. 13Rushes

Step aside Morphe, Singapore has their own line of brushes that you should look out for!

If you’re a make up freak and you need a new set of brushes, then check out the ones by 13Rushes.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @13rushes

They’re made of synthetic materials and are cruelty-free as well.

15. Speca

If you like to be extra with your eyewear, then you’ll go crazy at Speca’s booth.

We completely understand if you’re addicted to collecting sunglasses. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love the designs that Speca carries as they are fun, quirky and most importantly, not #basic.

twilight flea & feast
Image Credit: @specaeyewear

We know finding the perfect sunglasses can be difficult, but hopefully you’ll find the perfect eyewear at Speca!

If you’re wondering what to do in Singapore this weekend, then you HAVE to check out Twilight: Flea & Feast. This is the perfect weekend activity for your friends and family.

No need to worry about the weather, head on down to flea and feast!

Twilight: Flea & Feast “Proudly Local”
Address: Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre (Halls 401 & 402)
Date: 3 – 5 August
Time: 10am – 10pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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