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It’s no secret that going out in Singapore can be a rather expensive affair — a good meal at pretty much anywhere will cost you upwards of $10, and unless you’re willing to call it a night there you’ll can count on forking out at least another 20 on something else.

Then there’s the issue of actually finding something interesting to do. Sure, you could head down to Orchard Road again, but window shopping at Uniqlo kind of loses its lustre after doing it for the fifth time this month.

If these are some of the problems plaguing your social life, then the good folks at Funzing might have a solution with their Unlimited Pass.

Not Your Average Date Night

It almost sounds too good to be true, but for a mere $16 you’ll be entitled to a host of events that the “community marketplace” has curated.

Image Credit: Funzing

These events aren’t your typical weekend fare either — this month’s selection include Harry Potter and Rick and Morty quiz nights that’ll put your respective fandoms to the test, as well as pop up cinema screenings for critically acclaimed films like Lady Bird and I Am Not Your Negro.

The quiz nights will take place at Tree Lizard (Dempsey Road) and The Armoury (Beach Road) respectively, while the movies will be shown at the always-cozy Blu Jaz Cafe. At the very least, you can say that you spent your night somewhere new, which could be considered a victory in itself.

Blu Jaz Cafe
Image Credit: Blu Jaz Cafe

Considering that individual tickets for these events hover around around $8-$9 range, it makes sense to get the Unlimited Pass at its promotional price if more than one of these events are up your alley.

Demand is also surprisingly high (tickets for the classic Japanese animated film Princess Mononoke are already sold out), so head on over to Funzing’s website to secure your slot now.

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