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Indomie is a physical manifestation of instant deliciousness. I’m pretty sure it has to be made with something terrible for your body because it’s like crack. One packet is never enough.

Indomie is not just any instant ramen, it’s a religious experience.

If you eat Indomie on a regular basis, then you’ll know that they launched a Salted Egg Flavour back in August. It went instantly viral and Singaporeans being Singaporeans, we went absolutely nuts because it was only available in Indonesia.

salted egg indomie
Image Credit: @finestfoodsg

This Is Premium Indomie

Now, I’m sure half of us are sick and tired of anything Salted Egg but you can’t say no to Indomie.

On its packaging, the product is described as a ‘Curly Fried Noodle’. A gold foil label earnestly proclaims: “Mi keriting dengan rasa lebih mantap lengkap dengan bumbu pasta dan daun kari” (that’s Bahasa Indonesia for curly noodles with stronger flavour, complete with pasta spices and curry leaves).

salted egg indomie
Image Credit: Airfrov Facebook

After months of waiting (and crying), you can finally get your hands on these amazing noodles right here in our supermarkets!

Take note that they are only available at all Fairprice Finest outlets, and not in normal NTUC Fairprice or Fairprice Xtra outlets.

The only possible way to get your hands on the Salted Egg Indomie then was to ship it in, but even then, you had to buy it in sets of 10 packets. Now, you can get 1 packet for just $1 or 5 packets for $4.50!

salted egg indomie
Image Credit: Airfrov Facebook

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. If you’re looking for a speedy, fuss-free meal tonight, you know where to go.

Pro-tip: Always add a good sunny side up to your noodles.

I love you Indomie. Thanks for bringing in your Salted Egg Noodles to Singapore.

You’re our true hero.

Indomie Salted Egg Flavour
Where to buy: All Fairprice Finest Outlets
Price: 1 for $1, 5 for $4.50

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(Header Image Source: Airfrov Facebook)