Chef Teppei Yamashita is on a roll.

From Man Man in Ubi to Men-Men Tei Ramen at Marina One, Chef Teppei’s latest joint, Fu-Men, is a carby love letter to his hometown of Fukuoka.

Best part, this is Chef Teppei’s first halal Japanese eatery so everyone can enjoy a taste of this authentic Japanese udon.

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The Teppei Empire

Considered a form of fast food in Japan, udon can be enjoyed in many ways: warm or cold, in a broth or dry. Every province also has its own take on how to prepare the noodle dish.

Reigning from Hakata, a district in Fukuoka, this newly halal-certified eatery is a rare gem. Hakata udon is mostly only found within the Fukuoka district which means it’s rare that you can find it in other parts of Japan, much less in Singapore.  While most halal Japanese eatery compromises on flavour to cater to the locals, Fu Men Japanese Udon ensures that they maintain the original Japanese flavours.

Hakata-style udon, which is what is served here, is characterised by slimmer noodles as compared to the Sanuki style, and a clear broth made with light soy sauce, dried anchovy, flying fish, dried bonito and kelp.

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The broth takes over 45 minutes to prepare as it requires rigorous temperature control and several steps. Plus, the stock is preservative-free and filled with Japanese anchovies, saba, tuna and sardine.

We went for the signature Gobo ($12 for regular, $7 half) which came topped with Burdock Tempura. Not many Singaporean diners may be familiar with burdock as they are typically used in soups and can have an overly-earthy taste.

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The burdock is coated in a light tempura batter, shaped in a circular disc and deep fried. Surprisingly, the tempura burdock still had a soft crunch and retained its unique woodiness despite being soaked in the broth.

Image Credit: Discover SG


Image Credit: Discover SG

While the tempura was impressive on its own, what truly sealed the deal for us was the udon noodles that were imported from Fukuoka. The udon noodles were silky smooth and satisfyingly chewy at every bite. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for a light lunch-time meal.

If you’re looking for something that combines both Singaporean and Japanese flavours, their White Laksa Udon pretty much takes the cake. Using the same udon, the light broth is replaced with a rich laksa gravy and topped with fresh prawns.

For those who prefer the typical Japanese dishes such as Prawn Tempura Udon or Beef Udon, you’ll be pleased to know that they are available at Fu-Men as well!

So to all our Muslim friends who lament about the lack of good halal Japanese options in Singapore, you can finally get your Japanese cravings fixed at Fu-Men.

Fu-Men Japanese Udon & Donburi Restaurant
Address: 16 Raffles Quay, Hong Leong Building #B1-17/18, Singapore 048581
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 10am – 8pm, Sat: 10am – 2.30pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Contact No.: 6224 1134

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