We love the new year because we get to start on a clean slate. Everything resets – public holidays included. We thought, what better way to go into 2019 than by thinking about all the long weekends there will be, and planning ahead for your holidays.

Here are all the long weekends in 2019 so you can get a head start on your planning!

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Public Holidays In 2019

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The asterisk (*) means that the following Monday will be a public holiday.

In 2019, there will be a total of 5 long weekends but you can easily make that 9 just by taking a day’s leave. If you take leave on all the days stated below, you can expect a long weekend every month, with the exception of March, July, September and November.

1. January

Dates: 28 Dec – 1 January
# of days: 5
Take leave on: 28 December & 31 December

The New Year’s weekend is a long one, so if you’re hung over on New Year’s Day, at least you won’t have to report to work.

2. February

Dates: 2 Feb – 6 Feb
# of days: 5
Take leave on: 4 February

Chinese New Year falls on 5 and 6 February in 2019, so we’re getting a long weekend in February.

3. April

Dates: 18 April – 22 April
# of days: 5 
Take leave on: 18 April & 22 April

Thank God It’s (Good) Friday! Good Friday means we’ll be seeing one long weekend in the month of April.

4. May

Dates: 1 May – 5 May AND 17 May – 21 May
# of days: 5 days each
Take leave on: 2 May & 3 May OR 17 May & 21 May

May is the perfect time to travel because you don’t just get 1 but 2 long weekends in this month. Labour Day falls on a Wednesday this year, which means to make it a long weekend, all you have to do is book 2 days of leaves.

Vesak Day falls on a Sunday so the following day is automatically a holiday! A short trip out of the country, perhaps?

5. June

Dates: 1 June – 5 June
# of days: 5
Take leave on: 3 June & 4 June

The half point mark of the year brings one long weekend from 1 – 5 June, for Hari Raya Puasa weekend. To all our Muslim friends, now you know when to apply for leave so you can get ready for a weekend of feasting!

6. August

Dates: 8 – 12 August
# of days: 5
Take leave on: 8 August

In August, we celebrate the Nation’s Birthday, Hari Raya Haji as well as an extra long weekend, if you take leave on 8 August.

7. October

Dates: 25 October – 29 October
# of days: 5
Take leave on: 25 October & 29 October

Almost nearing the end of the year! As Deepavali falls on a Sunday, the following day is a holiday. Give yourself a pat on the back for working your a** off all year as November brings a 5-day long weekend if you take leave on 25 and 29 October.

8. December

Dates: 25 December – 29 December
# of days: 5
Take leave on: 26 December & 27 December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Take leave on 26 – 27 December as a little Christmas gift to yourself, and you get to enjoy a 5-day weekend.

It’s never too early to start planning for your next vacation. Whether it’s a long trip overseas (be sure to schedule it over the long weekends), a short trip to Bangkok, or a staycation right here in Singapore, make use of this handy guide to make the best of the holidays in 2019!

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