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Many folks who’ve gotten married can attest that nabbing a fantastic wedding videographer in Singapore is almost as important – if not on equal footing – as the photographer for the big day.

After guests head home following fond goodbyes, and you’ve hung up your lavish outfits and sparkly heels, there’s nothing quite like reliving through the special start of your new chapter together through a glorious, perfectly-summarised video.

Beyond your wedding photos, videos are a great way to capture the best moments of your wedding – from your proposal, pre-wedding shoot to the actual wedding banquet itself.

Often, you’ll find yourself marvelling at moments you’ve missed or glossed over during the rush of it all – from the look of joy on your parent’s faces to the look of sheer happiness when you and your partner first set eyes on each other as you’re walking down the aisle.

While there are plenty of recommendations for wedding photographers, who do you turn to for wedding films you can look back on in years to come? Below is our list of 10 noteworthy wedding videographers you must know. Who knows, you might just find a videographer with works that resonates with your heart and style.

1. Fresh from Kenneth

Keeping his natural editing style, FreshfromKenneth‘s works reflect the moment as they were captured. Adding a personal touch, his style is unique in the industry and ideal for couples looking to remember moments rich in natural emotion.

Raw and unscripted, each piece crafted by Kenneth is one of a kind and tailored to the personalities of each couple. There is no “template” or “standard video” when it comes to his work as nothing is staged or “rehearsed”. All you have to do is to go on about your day and Kenneth will create a masterpiece from that.

With his experience and exceptional eye for detail, each work will definitely touch the hearts of those who watch your film.

Fresh from Kenneth

2. Redtape Projects

Started in 2012, Redtape Projects consists of a group of friends with a hobby and passion for videography. They are not only a group of dedicated and passionate videographers but are also an artistic and fun wedding team that focuses their energy on building inspiring and breathtaking films.

Ensuring that each meeting is enjoyable and “lepak“, rest assured that your wants and needs will be met by the folks at Redtape Projects.

If you’re looking at straying away from the standard “commercial” wedding videos, Redtape produces refreshing films and tells your love story through its seamless editing and excellent choice of music.

With one simple objective at the end of the day – “We start as strangers but we end as friends” – you know you’ll definitely have fun working with them on your big day!

Redtape Projects

3. Twenty8picks

Established in 2010, Twenty8picks’ creative director Caleb cut his teeth for film while working as an editor in local television and has filmed over 200 weddings and events since delving into videography full time.

With an eye for quirky moments that reflect a couple’s relationship, Twenty8picks’ wedding videos have a natural, incandescent quality to them.


4. Just Married Films

Just Married Films call themselves wedding storytellers, retelling modern-day fairytales through the interjection of pre-wedding interviews and outdoor shoots.

Be it the preparations, gate-crashings, tea ceremonies or solemnisations, Just Married Films captures your purest moments in a narrative-driven video. Trust the team to deliver a video that is uniquely YOU, and not another video made from a ‘cookie-cutter’ full of cliches.

Just Married Films

5. Highest Kite Weddings

For a cinematic wedding film, look no further than Highest Kite Weddings. Classic and timeless, the production team presents your love story through artfully-framed sequences and an exceptional treatment of colour that is visually captivating.

Our favourite work is definitely Deon and Sheila’s Pre-Wedding video, which tugs at heartstrings and captures the most intimate moments between the lovebirds.

With a clever mix of candid, romantic, and sentimental moments, their films are more than just a conventional wedding video.

Highest Kite Weddings

6. Freya Films

At Freyafilms, Jialiang (founder) does the work of a “memory machine”. He captures, preserves and delivers beautiful memories to the couple. Using an honest and dynamic approach, Freyafilms produce films that are elegant with an editorial edge.

With over 8 years of experience, his goal is to capture unnoticed moments, forgotten memories, unexpected perspectives and the unique personalities of each couple. Freyafilms stitches all these moments to artistically tell your stories in cinematic form.

Freyafilms niche lies in telling stories that are unique to each couple, accompanied by a down to earth service that is dedicated and personalised to the needs of each couple.

Freya Films

7. Rekord Haus

When words just aren’t enough, Rekord Haus recreates your precious memories in film. Edwina and Jude, the duo behind Rekord Haus, takes on a personal approach to their projects, building friendships with every couple they work with.

What we are especially in love with, however, are their quirky and adorable retelling of each newly-weds’ stories in their unique pre-wedding films.

Specializing in wedding videography, Rekord Haus aims to captures all the precious moments at your wedding – right down to the even the tiniest detail. Their imagination and creativity are what makes the simple moments, awesomely simple.

Rekord Haus

8. Winson Cinematography

Winson Cinematography believes that video and audio play equally important roles in telling a story that will tug at your heartstrings.

One of our favourite works is Lance and Sharon’s wedding which was edited with no music—only raw recordings from the wedding. It appears to have a pure, intimate and journal outcome to it. And we absolutely love the raw yet slightly produce look of it.

With an honest style of approaching every wedding, rest assured that they’ll produce a work of art that you will feel connected to and you will be compelled to proudly show to all your friends and loved ones.

Winson Cinematography

9. Androids In Boots

Looking for something completely out of the ordinary? Why not opt for a stop-motion wedding film?

A cross between photography and cinematography, stop motion allows for more interesting visual content otherwise unachievable in traditional medium. In other words – it is quirky!

The creative team at Androids In Boots is constantly exploring new methods of storytelling so that every video is unique. Whether you have a soft spot for the vintage film look or a penchant for quirky shorts, let the studio work its magic in recreating your romance.

Android In Boots

10. Sense Gallery

Your wedding day is filled with many dynamic and fleeting moments – from the laughter and cheers of your bridal party, the nervous exhilaration when your groom shares his vows, the gasp from the crowd when the bride appears at the aisle.

Sense Gallery specialises in capturing intimate moments of your wedding day. From happy tears to loving looks, each emotional moment will be captured for you to relive over and over again.

Supported by an extremely passionate crew and professional equipments, Sense Gallery wants to tape it all down for you, so you can keep your magical fairytale close to your heart.

Sense Gallery

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(Header Image Source: Rekord Haus)

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