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  • 10 Electrifying Experiences To Enjoy To Close Off April [16-30 April]

    We’ve been having a rad April so far, and we hope you have too! If you haven’t, don’t fret! The second half of the month has even more to offer. There are parties, runs, run parties, and so much more! Not forgetting the many new food spots that have sprung up, to satisfy cravings we didn’t […]

  • 7 Crazy Things You Won’t Believe Singaporeans Would Eat (Or Sell!)

    Remember the television show ‘Fear Factor’? The show where contestants would face their fears, which often required them to do gross things like bob their heads in tubs of blood or eat live earthworms. Despite it being a blood-curdling, stomach-churning 60 minutes, it was hard to look away. What if you could experience Fear Factor for yourself, […]

  • The Most Romantic Dinner + Night Stroll Places In Singapore For A Lovey-Dovey V Day

    The most romantic day of the year is upon us! Whether you’re looking to seal the deal, pop the question, or simply treat your special someone to an unforgettable day or night out, where you do it is often as important as the act itself. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up 8 of the most […]

  • 8 Unusual V-Day Dinner Ideas For A Far From Basic Valentine’s Day

    When we think about the Valentine’s Day dinner, what comes to mind is often a proper fancy restaurant, where you both gaze into each other’s eyes over candlelight. Yawn. We say, skip the boring candlelit dinner this V-day and try something more, dare we say, unusual together. From secret locations to dining in pitch darkness, […]

  • Singapore: The Wild Edition. Get Down & Dirty With These 6 Hidden Nature Activities!

    What?! Singapore has a wild side? Before thoughts of living like Bear Grylls start creeping into your mind, we are referring to living on the wild(er) side in Singapore – nature activities catered for the adventurous, nature-loving enthusiasts. Sounds like your type of thing? Step out of your comfort zone with these hidden nature activities. Start living on the […]

  • Say Cheese! This Food Truck Stocked Full With Artisanal Cheese Will Make You Melt With Pleasure

    Cheese. It makes (almost) everything taste at least 10 times better!  And who else makes better cheese than the Europeans? It comes as no surprise that the best cheeses in the world hail from Europe, where farmers and producers are constantly pushing the boundaries of dairy offerings. If you’re a fan of European cheeses, you […]