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  • Seletar Aerospace Is Where The Hipsters Are Now Hanging Out At

    North-east residents rejoice! The new kid on the block – Seletar Aerospace – is currently where all the hipsters are now hanging out at! The recently redeveloped area at Seletar Aerospace Park is also known as The Oval. This sprawling plot of land boasts a cluster of 32 black and white colonial bungalows. Gazetted for conservation, these […]

  • 5 Apartments In Singapore That Are Role Models ‘Cos They’re So Green

    Today, there are more than 1 million public housing flats in 23 towns with over 80% living in HDB flats. With a focus on eco green living, other “vertical villages” like high-rise and high-density private condominiums and apartments are on the rise as well. But, are these ‘green’ apartments merely just buildings with expensive solar panels and […]

  • Seafood Eats In The East That Will Make You Go :’)

    Singapore may not have the best amusement parks or the nicest beaches but one thing that Singapore definitely has is the best food. Being a small island surround by water, it’s no surprise that us Singaporeans can cook up some mean seafood dishes. Whether you’re looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate a special occasion […]

  • Hi-tech Bowling Alley Strikes Punggol: Put Them Bowling Shoes On!

    Calling all bowlers! Whether you’re a sure-strike pro at bowling or a gutter feeder newbie, you’ll definitely have a strikin’ good time at this newly opened hi-tech bowling alley. Remember how bowling used to be for teenagers and kids? Well, the new alley lanes provided by Orchid Bowl at Punggol SAFRA now makes bowling a more family friendly […]

  • Chill Like The Japanese! 6 Izakayas To Wind Down Your Work Week

    Looking to unwind over a large variety of sakes or whiskies while indulging in some tapas, yakitori or some good Japanese food? With Izakayas growing in popularity as a spot for after-work drinks and chill out, we have hunted down the best bars and restaurants for your top-notch sake, cocktails and Japanese-inspired bar bites. Pop by our list […]

  • 8 Enchanting & Secret Photography Spots You Never Knew Existed

    As a dense and developed country full of skyscrapers and shopping malls lining the city, it can be difficult to find the perfect spot for your pre-wedding shoots. Choosing a pre-wedding shoot can be just as hard as deciding where the wedding ceremony will be held. Of course, you can fly elsewhere to popular romantic destinations […]