chilli crab

chilli crab

Popeyes Goes Local With Their Limited Edition Fried Mantou Sliders With Chilli Soft Shell Crab

In another attempt to capitalise on Singapore's upcoming birthday, another fast food chain has jumped on bandwagon. Introducing Popeyes' new Chic & Crab Mantou! Available from now till 3 September 2018, the Chic & Crab Mantou will be available at all Popeyes outlets islandwide.

Creamery Boutique Is Gearing Up For National Day With Chilli Crab And Ondeh Ondeh Flavoured Desserts

If you've been to Creamery Boutique, then you'd know that they're famous for their homemade ice cream paired with lava cookies. With National Day 2018 coming up, they've unveiled 2 Singaporean flavours to commemorate Singapore's 53rd birthday.

This Joint Fuses Local Flavours Into Pizza And It’s DePizza We Need

Pizza is one of our favourite comfort foods. From standard pizzas, to Korean-style Chicago deep-dish pizzas, to dessert pizzas, it's hard to top the flavours and styles we have. However, DePizza bravely steps into the arena, armed with their own unique pizza flavours.

These 10 Crazy Twists On The Classic French Fries Are Bound To Satis-fry Your Tastebuds

Bye, truffle fries! Some of these more unique fries in Singapore are sinful, but as the saying goes: don’t count your calories, make your calories count.

What To Expect At The Singapore Favourite Food Village 2016!

From traditional take to modern twist, expect a uniquely local dining experience!

A Malaysian’s Unbiased Opinions Towards Singapore Food

Find out how some of our street food fare against those of our neighbour's!

Crystal Jade – The Place To Get Salted Egg Yolk And Chilli Crab Xiao Long Bao!

Think xiao long bao and Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao comes to mind. It has recently introduced an updated menu for its 25th anniversary this year.