NLB Libraries Open Past Midnight This Oct, And You’ll See Things Scarier Than Your Exam Notes

Ever wondered what lurked behind the bookshelves after dark?

Beware, for what’s familiar and mundane might just surprise you.

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Night At The Library

If you’ve always wanted to explore our public libraries past regular opening hours, here’s your chance.

As though your mugging sessions at the library was not already a nightmare, the National Library Building and Toa Payoh Public Library will be opening past midnight on 26 – 27 October 2018 as part of the Dark Tales event.

On this haunted trail, prepare to be spooked by creepy local urban legends. Try not to look back while you’re walking down the aisles of the library. You’ll never know what’s lurking in the shadows.

The National Library at Victoria Street will be hosting a “Night At The Library” event.

[caption id="attachment_37830" align="aligncenter" width="740"]national library board Image Credit: National Library Board[/caption]

And the Toa Payoh Public Library will host the “Dark Tales: Reaper’s Trail” event.

[caption id="attachment_37829" align="aligncenter" width="768"]national library board Image Credit: National Library Board[/caption]

Both events will start from 9.30pm onwards and end at 1.30am and are free for the public to attend. The only catch is that participants for both events have to borrow four books or eBooks on the NLB Mobile App during the month of October 2018 to gain individual entry and must present the loan receipt for verification.

[caption id="attachment_37832" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]National library singapore Image Credit: National Library Board[/caption]

Participants who attend both events can redeem a gift.

As there are variations in operating hours, visitors are advised to check the following sites for more details.

For details on the National Library’s Night At The Library event, you can visit their Facebook event page or Library’s event page for more information.

For details on the Toa Payoh Public Library event, you can visit library’s event page as well.

National Library “Night At The Library”
Address: Level 1, National Library Building, 100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064

Toa Payoh Public Library “Dark Tales: Reaper’s Trail Event”
Address: 6 Toa Payoh Central, Singapore 319191

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Can’t Wait For Halloween? Get Your Scream On With This Horror Film Festival At The Cathay

Singapore has its fair share of creepy urban stories. You may be familiar with the tales of Old Changi Hospital, the last cubicle in the girls’ toilet and kids playing marble on the roof of your house.

Horror stories are arguably Singapore’s unofficial national obsession and a genre that has been seeing an unprecedented boom in recent years.

What better way to kick start Halloween season than now with Scream Asia Film Festival – Singapore’s first ever horror film festival.

Get Your Scream On

Singapore has an immense thirst for the horror genre so it’s about time we have our own local horror film festival.

Organised by mm2 Entertainment and Cathay Cineplexes, the inaugural festival will run from 19 – 28 October. They will screen a total of 11 feature films and 1 short film, including JJ Abrams-produced Overlord, Yuki Kumagai’s Tokyo Living Dead Idol and upcoming Singaporean film Zombiepura.

Curated by homegrown award-winning auteur, Eric Khoo and and South Korean film programmer Jongsuk Thomas Nam, this festival also boasts two horror filmmaking masterclasses which will be taught by Indonesian director Joko Anwar (Satan’s Slaves) and South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan).

If you love yourself a good scare, don’t miss its groundbreaking inaugural edition this coming October.

Here’s the official film lineup for Scream Asia Film Festival 2018:

1. Zombiepura (Singapore) 

Directed by: Jacen Tan
Showtimes: 19 October, 7pm

Synopsis: Corporal Kayu is a lazy soldier doing guard duty during his mandatory reservist in an isolated army camp. A mysterious virus breaks out and turns his campmates into rabid zombies. Trapped, Kayu must team up with his arch-rival, the tough Sergeant Lee, to survive.

Cut off from the outside world, their military training is put to the test and they must find out what it means to be real soldiers.

2. They Who Are Not Seen (Indonesia) 

Directed by: Billy Christian
21 October, 5pm | 27 October, 7pm

Synopsis: Since childhood, Saras always had a sixth sense for ghosts. Despite Saras being possessed twice over the years, her mother Lydia refuses to accept her daughter’s ability, putting a strain on their relationship.

When the spirit of a bully victim begins haunting Saras, she needs her mother’s help and only forgiveness can unite them.

3.  Hana (Japan & Korea) 

Directed by: Mai Nakanishi
28 October, 7pm

Synopsis: College student Sujin is hired on short notice by a single mother to be a babysitter for four-year-old Hana. It was supposed to be a simple babysitting job but as soon as they are alone, Sujin realises that there’s something very wrong with little Hana.

4. Overlord (USA)

Directed by: Julius Avery
Showtimes: 28 October, 7pm

Synopsis: On the eve of D-Day, a group of American paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines to carry out a mission crucial to
the invasion’s success. But as they approach their target, they begin to realise there is more going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation.

5. The House that Jack Built (Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden)

Directed by: Lars Von Trier
Showtimes: 20 October, 7pm & 26 October, 7pm

Synopsis: The controversial film that was too violent for audiences at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1970s USA, follow genius psychopath Jack over 12 years and witness the murders that define his development as a serial killer.

Each murder is experienced from Jack’s point of view,which he sees as an artwork in itself. As the net of police investigation grows tighter around Jack, he takes greater and greater risks in his attempt to create the ultimate artwork.

6. Mom and Dad (USA)

Directed by: Brian Taylor
Showtimes: 22 October, 7pm

Synopsis: An unknown static frequency spreads throughout a peaceful suburban community, turning otherwise loving and caring parents
into bloodthirsty killers targeting children. But not all children. The unfathomable pandemic causes parents to target their only own offspring. Suddenly, every son and daughter – in the neighbourhood – is running for their lives from their parents’ rage-filled murderous rampage.

7. Ghost Stories (UK)

Directed by: Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson
Showtimes: 19 October, 9.45pm & 27 October, 7pm

Synopsis: Professor Philip Goodman is a renowned skeptic of all things supernatural. Given the opportunity to investigate three case histories of baffling paranormal activity, he uncovers mysteries beyond his own imagination, leading to a nightmarish conclusion, both shocking and personal.

8. Tokyo Living Dead Idol (Japan)

Directed by: Yuki Kumagai
Showtimes: 24 October, 7pm & 27 October, 9.15pm

Synopsis: A popular Japanese female idol is bitten by a zombie. She has only 72 hours to find a zombie serum before she becomes one of
the living dead, but a high school zombie hunter and countless zombies attack!

9. Hounds of Love (Australia)

Directed by: Ben Young
Showtimes: 21 October, 7pm & 23 October, 7pm

Synopsis: In suburban Perth, sadistic, serial killer couple John and Evelyn White abduct teenager Vicki Maloney and subject her to a horrific nightmare of confinement and torture. Vicki’s only chance of survival is to play a deadly mind game of subterfuge and cunning with the depraved pair.

10. The Cannibal Club (Brazil)

Directed by: Guto Parente
Showtimes: 20 October, 10pm & 26 October, 7pm

Synopsis: Ultra-rich couple Otavio and Gilda are model citizens on the outside and VERY depraved people onthe inside, who regularly murder and feast on the flesh of their hapless servants.

They’re also notable members of the Cannibal Club. When Gilda angers the club’s leader, the cannibal couple need to be extra careful to avoid ending up as dinner themselves.

11. The Fake

Directed by: Yeon Sang-ho
Showtimes: 20 October, 5pm

Synopsis: In this animated thriller by the director of Train to Busan, a rural village falls under the spell of an evangelical pastor–Choi–who promises them a place in heaven in exchange for their savings. Only the violent ex-convict Min-chul sees through the con, but none of the faithful believe his doubts, forcing him into a fateful clash with the church.

12. The Folklore

Directed by: Joko Anwar (A Mother’s Love) & Eric Khoo (Nobody)
Showtimes: 27 Oct, 5pm

Synopsis: In two episodes from the six-part horror anthology by HBO Asia, Indonesian director Joko Anwar and Singaporean
director Eric Khoo tell stories based on their respective country’s deeply-rooted superstitions and myths.

Tickets are on sale from Sep 10 at Festival brochures with the schedule and film information will be available at all Cathay Cineplexes locations. All tickets are priced at $13 each.

If you love a good scare, Scream Asia Film Festival promises to be a real treat for all you horror fans!

Scream Asia Film Festival
Address: The Cathay, Handy Rd, Singapore 229233
Date: 19 – 28 October
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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On A Scale Of 1 – 10, This Year’s Halloween Horror Nights Is An Eleven

Attention all die hard fans of Stranger Things, we can finally step into Eleven’s world this Halloween.

Time to fight Demogorgons in The Upside Down at USS Halloween Horror Nights 2018 this September.

Here’s a teaser video to get you excited for this year’s scare fest!

Things Are About To Get Strange

USS has collaborated with Netflix and the creators of Stranger Things to bring life to the iconic scenes from Season 1 (because we all love this season better).

[caption id="attachment_33848" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Image Credit: Stranger Things Facebook[/caption]

Fans can expect to wander through mazes and end up in the menacing Hawkins National Library, the iconic Byers Home adorned with flashing Christmas Lights and the eerie Upside Down woods.

[caption id="attachment_33846" align="aligncenter" width="500"] GIF Credit:[/caption]

Here’s to hoping USS does a great job in ‘transporting’ fans into the story where we can fight demogorgons alongside Eleven.

This year marks the eighth edition of the Halloween Horror Nights but we’re for sure extra pumped for this year’s fright fest!

Halloween Horror Nights begins September 28 in Singapore. Limited time special tickets from $50 are available for sale now. So hurry and get your tickets GIF Credit:[/caption]

Grab your eggos, christmas lights and your 80s perm. It’s time to brave The Upside Down.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Ticket Prices: $50 – $188
Date: 28 Sep – 31 Oct (selected nights)
Comedian Jo Koy Makes A Pitstop In S’pore This June For One Night Only

(Header Image Source: Stranger Things Facebook)

10 Halloween Events And Eats That Are Creeping Into Your Calendar This October

If you’ve been counting down the days to Halloween like we have, the wait will soon be over!

It’s that time of the year where we dress up in costume, scare ourselves silly, and hopefully score ourselves some candy. What’s not to love?

This month, we’ve rounded up a list of Halloween parties you can attend, and some Halloween-themed food you can look forward to chowing down on!

Brace yourselves, you won’t see these scares coming.

Play & Discover

1. Halloween Horror Nights 7

First on the list is a Halloween house that requires no introduction.

[caption id="attachment_30574" align="alignnone" width="1443"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is back for its seventh edition, and this year’s scare-fest is themed after the seven dead-lier sins: cruelty, deception, malice, manipulation, narcissism, perversion and obsession.

Come face to face with your worst nightmares when you enter the 5 haunted houses, which include a mall filled with ghosts (‘Death Mall’), an eerie hut haunted by the Midnight Man (‘Hex’), and see what evils lurk within the minds of the malevolent (‘Inside The Mind’).

[caption id="attachment_30575" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

Wander through 2 scare zones, one of which is a sanctuary for the 7 sins (‘Pilgrimage of Sin’), and another of which is a macabre twist on your favourite holidays (‘Happy Horror Days‘).

Another highlight at Halloween Horror Nights this year is also a HHN first – Zombie laser tag. For the first time in Halloween Horror Nights history, you get the chance to defend yourself against the horrors you will meet. So grab your weapon; you’ll need it to fend off the rabid flesh-eating zombies.

Tickets are available for purchase here.

Halloween Horror Nights 7
Universal Studios Singapore
When: 29 Sep – 29 Oct
Admission: $61
Image Credit: *SCAPE[/caption]

Abused and murdered by her mother, her restless spirit has returned to haunt her mother’s new family. Possessing her mother, she kills off every single member of the family before forcing her mother to hang herself.

Pay a visit to the grave-filled backyard, step into the master bedroom, and brace yourself for what you may find in the attic and the children’s room! A house full of horrors, you’ll want to take a deep breath when you arrive at the front porch.

Watch your back – you can never be too careful.

Tickets are available for purchase here.

Museum Of Horrors VII: Vengeance
When: 18 – 22 Oct, 26 – 31 Oct
$15 for General Admission

3. Carnival of the Absurd at Lulu’s Lounge

If horror houses and being scared isn’t what you had in mind for Halloween, maybe this is.

[caption id="attachment_30858" align="aligncenter" width="707"] Image Credit: Lulu’s Lounge will be hosting its first Halloween party.

Called ‘Carnival of the Absurd‘, this party is themed around a Coney Island freak show, which is famed for its performers who bear bodily abnormalities (e.g dwarves, four legged humans) or who can perform amazing inhuman feats like swallowing swords and contorting their own bodies.

[caption id="attachment_30579" align="aligncenter" width="736"] Image Credit: Pinterest[/caption]

While we don’t know yet what characters we’ll find at this carnival, you can be sure you’ll be thoroughly entertained by their roving characters and wacky stage performers.

[caption id="attachment_30576" align="aligncenter" width="930"] Image Credit: Honeycombers[/caption]

Get your freak on and don’t be a bystander! Here, no one will be judging.

Carnival of the Absurd
Where: Lulu’s Lounge, Pan Pacific Hotel, 7 Raffles Boulevard
When: 28 Oct, 9pm – 6am
Admission: $30 cover charge

4. Cleopetra’s Revenge at Bang Bang

If you’re looking for a change of pace, pop over to Bang Bang.

[caption id="attachment_30580" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Image Credit: Bang Bang[/caption]

Themed ‘Cleopetra’s Revenge‘, dance with menacing mummies and evil queens decked in gold into the wee hours of the morning.

Transporting you to Cleopetra’s creepy land, the night will whisper tales of the undead queen’s revenge.

Cleopetra’s Revenge
 Oct 27 – 28, 10.30pm – 6am
Where: Bang Bang, Pan Pacific Hotel, 7 Raffles Boulevard
Admission: $35 (includes one drink)

5. Zouk’s Laboratorium Of Horror 

[caption id="attachment_31105" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image Credit: Zouk[/caption]

This Halloween, Zouk will transform into a Laboratorium of Horror with jars containing brains, icky intestines, old examination tables, and syringes. The laboratory of one mad Dr Gore, watch out for the diabolical doctor – you don’t want to be the next subject in his line of sinister experiments.

You’ll want to bring your A game – costume-wise – to this party because those in the most terrifying costumes stand a chance to win a pair of flight tickets to Athens via Scoot (worth $1680), Jimmy Choo and Kenzo fragrance hampers, a staycay at Lloyd’s Inn, and more.

The party goes on through the night till 4am, with Zouk’s resident DJs Hong, Lincey, and Jeremy Boon helming the decks.

The first 100 party-goers that arrive decked out in full costume get to enter for free!

Zouk’s Laboratorium Of Horror

Where: Blk 3C River Valley Road
Admission: $55 (non-member price; includes one drink)

6. Noise Invasion Festival at Haw Par Villa

There are few places in Singapore that are quite as creepy as Haw Par Villa after dark.

[caption id="attachment_31107" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Image Credit: Wikimedia[/caption]

On 28 October, the spooky Haw Par Villa grounds will be taken over by Noise Invasion Festival, a celebration of individuality and creativity. The event’s hashtag is #GetWeird, so you know what to do! Embrace the theme and dress your weirdest.

[caption id="attachment_31106" align="aligncenter" width="679"] Image Credit Noise Invasion Festival[/caption]

Expect killer music at this festival, with a line-up including Sam Rui, Wicked Aura, M1LDL1FE, Axel Brizzy, Amateur Takes Control, and more. The festival’s got art, dance, and food, and teases that it’ll deviate from the usual arts festival format.

Not sure what to expect? Think unconventional and strange.

Admission to this festival is completely free, so if you’re too broke to party this Halloween, this is a great alternative for the Halloween weekend!

Noise Invasion Festival

Where: Haw Par Villa, 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628
Admission: Free

7. Singapore Halloween Festival

The Singapore Halloween Festival is back, and this year, it will take place in a water park!

[caption id="attachment_30581" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image Credit: Eventbrite[/caption]

An annual event that combines fun, horror, dressing up and all things Halloween, this year’s haunting will happen slightly past Halloween on 4 – 5 November. And the site they’ve chosen this year is none other than Wild Wild Wet.

[caption id="attachment_30582" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Image Credit: Wild Wild Wet[/caption]

There will be a Zombie Maze, a Monster Ball, a Giant Picnic Lawn with delicious gourmet F&B options, carnival games and pop-up stalls for everyone in the family! Dress your best because the person wearing the best costume will win a special prize!

Adult tickets are tagged at $45 for a regular 1-day pass, $70 for a regular 2-day pass and $388 for VIP Tier tickets (2-day pass) for 3 adults. Child tickets are $30 for a 1-day pass and $50 for a 2-day pass.

Tickets are available for purchase here.

Singapore Halloween Festival
Wild Wild Wet
When: 4 – 5 Nov
Admission: $30 – $388 

8. Halloween Family Night Out

Another Halloween party for the whole family is Halloween Family Night Out.

The biggest family-friendly Halloween event, this Halloween extravaganza will take over the sprawling KidZania arena.

[caption id="attachment_30531" align="alignnone" width="1519"] Image Credit: Halloween FNO[/caption]

For 2 weekends from 27 October – 5 November, the KidZania compound will take on a brand new look. The airport, restaurants, petrol kiosk and more will transform into a landscape including a candy forest, volcanoes, and the depths of the sea!

Immerse yourself in the beautifully designed rooms that will transport you and your family to a whole other dimension. Watch the professional actors as they take you through an immersive storytelling experience!

What’s Halloween without a bit of candy? Collect trick or treat goodie bags on the trees of Vampi’s candy forest and be sure to steer clear of Vampi the vampire if you plan on holding on to your loot!

[caption id="attachment_30530" align="aligncenter" width="1177"] Image Credit: Halloween FNO[/caption]

For more candy, enter the neon forest and find 4 doors. Knock on the doors and if you and your family come in costume, you’ll receive a treat. Otherwise, you just may get tricked.

With carnival games, spooky snack-bites, magic shows and mysterious bubble shows taking place through the night, the kids are in for a night of fun at this Halloween fiesta!

Entry is $45 each for adult and child, and is inclusive of a limited edition Trick or Treat popcorn candy bucket, a Halloween Family Night Out Cape and The Secret Treasure Map of Magic Mummy (worth $45)!

Halloween Family Night Out
KidZania @ Sentosa
When: 27 – 28 Oct, 3 – 5 Nov
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Admission: $45 (adult/child)

9. Halloween At Sephora

This Halloween, why stop at putting on a Halloween costume?

[caption id="attachment_30532" align="aligncenter" width="923"] Image Credit: Sephora[/caption]

Go all out and dress your face up as well with a little help from the helpful Beauty Advisors at Sephora.

For the entire month of October, spend $100 or more and get a custom Halloween makeover at any Sephora store!

Halloween at Sephora
All Sephora outlets
When: 1 – 31 Oct


10. Cold Stone Creamery 

This Halloween, Cold Stone Creamery is serving a spooky spin on Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream.

[caption id="attachment_30584" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: Cold Stone Creamery Singapore Facebook[/caption]

Their Halloween exclusive, Cookies ‘n’ Screammm, consists of a scoop of pumpkin ice cream mixed with a gummy worms, bloody berries, and of course, Oreo cookies. Priced at $6 – $10.50, have your dessert in a plain waffle bowl (+$1.20) or in a dipped waffle bowl (+$1.90).

Cold Stone Creamery
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Live Your Worst Nightmare At HHN’s Sleepover, Where The Haunting Lasts 2 Nights Straight

The Conjuring, The Shining, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – if these horror flicks are among your favourite films, and if you’ve always wondered if you’d be able to survive a real life haunted house situation, here’s an experience that comes pretty darn close.

Universal Studios Singapore will be hosting a super exclusive 2 night overnight stay at the most haunted parts of the Halloween Horror Nights 7 arena. A prelude to the most anticipated scare-fest in Singapore, only two very lucky – or unlucky – people will be picked to be a part of this USS first.

[caption id="attachment_29032" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Image Credit: Andy and Amy style.

[caption id="attachment_29033" align="alignnone" width="1436"] Image Credit: online or at Universal Studios Singapore ticket booths!

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(Header Image Source: SG Asia City)

This Year’s Halloween Horror Nights Brings Your L4D Fantasies To Life And Lets You Shoot Zombies

With National Day done and dusted, we are inching our way closer and closer to Halloween.

This Halloween, Halloween Horror Nights is back, and you’ll be thrilled to hear what they have in store.

[caption id="attachment_28901" align="alignnone" width="1443"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

Happening from Sep 29 to Oct 29, the 7th edition of Singapore’s ultimate scarefest is fittingly themed after the 7 deadlier – not just deadly – sins.

With 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones, a zombie laser tag game and more, you’re in for non-stop scares, so brace yourself – there will be even more screaming than before at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.

First, Meet The Sinisters

We’re all familiar with the 7 deadly sins, but have you heard of the 7 deadlier ones? Cruelty, deception, malice, manipulation, narcissism, perversion and obsession are their names – and they embody the vices of today.

This year, these 7 sins will manifest themselves in 7 new and unique icons known as ‘The Sinisters’. Risen from the Abyss, they will give form to your worst nightmares, casting fear into the hearts of Singaporeans at each new (literal) haunt.

5 Haunted Houses

Ever wondered if you’d survive a horror flick? Find out for yourself at the 5 haunted houses which each promise a cinematic experience with their stories.

1. DEATH Mall

[caption id="attachment_28882" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

The headliner house, DEATH Mall is filled with ghosts after the mall collapsed due to a structural failure in the building.

2. Hex

[caption id="attachment_28876" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

Wander through the jungle and you’ll find an eerie hut filled with dark magic and cursed antiquities. Keep a lookout for the Midnight Man, who has no intentions of ever letting you leave.

3. Inside The Mind

[caption id="attachment_28934" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

Originally planned for Halloween Horror Nights 6, Inside The Mind will bring you face to face with the demons and obsessions that linger inside the minds of evil.

4. TERRORcotta Empress

Escape an army of risen Terracotta soldiers at this haunted house, where the cruel, evil Empress rules mercilessly from the grave. If you find yourself face to face with the dragon lady, make sure to run in the other direction.

5. Make The Cut

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the queen of ‘Gore-pop’? The price of stardom is not cheap – make a deal, or get ruthlessly cut.

2 Scare Zones

When roaming between horror houses, be sure to watch your back!

This year’s edition of Halloween Horror Nights will see 2 scare zones, the Pilgrimage of Sin and Happy Horror Days. (Happy Holidays, get it?)

[caption id="attachment_28879" align="alignnone" width="1588"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

The first is the sanctuary of the 7 sins, a place infested with unholy beings and crawling with all kinds of evil.

[caption id="attachment_28877" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

The second will see a sinister twist on your favourite holidays.

Zombie Laser Tag

[caption id="attachment_28889" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa[/caption]

Don’t want to be scared without being given an opportunity to fight back? A first for Halloween Horror Nights, you’ll be able to defend yourself against rabid flesh-eating zombies in a brand new zombie laser tag.

Form a fearless team of four, and be sure to purchase tickets for specific time slots beforehand. The experience is tagged at $38 for regular park guests and $30 for Frequent Fear Passholders and RIP Tour Guests.

2 Shows

This year, there will be two killer shows.

The first is Laboratorium, which will transport you back in time into the period of the Black Death. Witness the horrifying acts done by plague doctors on human test subjects as they try to find cures to the Black Death. A show that includes international stunt acts, this will happen at the Pantages Hollywood Theater.

The second show is the Slice of Life Tour, where the Slit Face Girls will celebrate the launch of their new album with a special fan meet. Watch the Gore-pop girl group perform their hearts out on the Hollywood Lagoon Stage.

One of the darkest and most technologically advanced Halloween Horror Nights Singapore has seen yet, this year’s Halloween Horror Nights promises more thrills and scares than ever before.

Early bird tickets are already available from now till Sep 5. Each ticket will set you back $55, or you can purchase a bundle of three and get one free! Get your tickets online or at Universal Studios Singapore ticket booths.

What are you waiting for? Gather your friends and scare yourselves silly at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights!

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Trick Or Treat In Singapore: The Best 7 Places To Get Spooked This Halloween!

Unknown to many, the good old Halloween tradition of trick or treating is very much alive here. There are several trick or treat activities and places in Singapore – complete with elaborate decorations and houses that do give out awesome sweets!

This Halloween, get your entire family and friends decked out in Singapore-related Halloween costumes for the good old tradition of trick or treating!

For all ages

1. Halloween Trick or Treat @ Woodlands Woodgrove

Head down to this massive Trick-or-Treating event in the neighbourhood of Woodlands Woodgrove!

[caption id="attachment_16838" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Credit: Credit: Credit: Credit: Credit:

Credit: 2. ACM After Dark: Horror Mash Up

What happens when pontianaks meet vampires? Or when Asian supernatural meets Western horror? Find your answers here at ACM After Dark: Horror Mash Up.

[caption id="attachment_16988" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Dress to scare as you roam the museum galleries, hearing haunting tales and watching out for a zombie outbreak.

[caption id="attachment_16989" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Credit: Credit: Credit: 3. Scream Fest 3 – The School Maze at JCube

This year JCube is pulling out all the stops for their third Scream Fest! Uncover the mystery behind Ren Ai School as you make your way through a school maze full of scares and spokes!

[caption id="attachment_17037" align="alignnone" width="850"]jcube-edit JCube Scream Fest 3 – The School Maze[/caption]


Admission tickets are priced at $8. Good news for shopaholics out there, if you spend $50 at JCube or $20 at J.Avenue you get free entry into this scarefest!

Not for the faint of heart this school maze will make you hope you never step into a school again!

Best part? Each admission ticket to Scream Fest 3 lets you ice skate your heart out at The Rink for $7 (U.P $17.50)! So if you’re looking for a spot where you can shop, ice skate AND get scared, JCube is the perfect place to be!

Scream Fest 3 – The School Maze
JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3, Singapore 609731
When: 7 Oct – 6 Nov

Price: $8 per entry, FREE if you spend at least $50 at JCube or $20 at J.Avenue

Find out more at JCube’s Official Facebook Page

Find out more about The Rink at The Rink’s Official Facebook Page

For kids only

4. Spooky Boo! Halloween Fun Fair at Go-Go Bambini

Here’s a spooky Halloween party for the little ones!

Be entertained by spine-tingling magic shows and a Halloween-themed photo booth. Of course, there’s a wide array of creepy-looking nibbles and candies up for grabs.

[caption id="attachment_16913" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Credit: Credit: 5. eXplorerkid Halloween Spooktacular Party

Drop your kids off for a spooktastic time at this exclusive eXplorerkid Halloween Spooktacular Party!

At this strictly all-kids only Halloween event, spooky highlights include pumpkin-making balloons and exciting Halloween games and activities, not forgetting some scarily delicious nibbles.

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Let your kids show off their quirky and unique Halloween costumes with the Trick or Treat parade! Furthermore, the best-dressed costume stands to bag even more treats and goodies.

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Do register your little “vamps” and “monsters” early to not miss this FANGtastic party!

eXplorerkid Halloween Spooktacular Party
Where: Downtown East / AMK Hub
When: 29 October 2016, Saturday
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Price: $30 (eXplorerkid Member) / $40 (public)
More information here

6. Safari Boo @ River Safari

Get up close and personal with glowing monsters, mythical mermaids, aliens and many other creatures at this not-so-spooky, merry-not-scary kids Halloween event: Safari Boo @ River Safari! 

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Walk along the Monster Boo trail to fight against the evil Professor V alongside a gang of fun-loving animal monsters!

Take up the trick or treat challenge that spans across the entire River Safari and keep a lookout for tricks amongst the treats at the monstrous scale of trick or treat.

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Safari Boo @ River Safari
Where: River Safari, Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
When: 21 – 23, 28 – 30 October 2016
Time: 6pm to 10pm. Last admission is at 9pm
Price: $8 for children, $18 for adults
More information here

7. Spooky Seas @ S.E.A. Aquarium

Aaargh mate!

Are you in for a swashbuckling time at the Spooky Seas of S.E.A. Aquarium this Halloween?

Let your little ones follow Captain Spooks as he guides them through the trick and treats trail! Be ready for some little challenges along the way though, that is, if you want to score some delicious candies.

[caption id="attachment_16923" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Credit: Credit: Credit: Die Die Must Party: 10 Halloween Parties That’ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You!

Die Die Must Party: 10 Halloween Parties That’ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You!

Here are the million-dollar questions: Do pontianaks dance? If zombies are technically dead, will they get high on alcohol? How does it feel to be scared witless, praying that your heart doesn’t go KABOOM by night’s end? Come on down to some frightful Halloween parties, and we guarantee you’ll find the answer to these queries.

Here’s the bonus: you’ll have a hair-rising, heart-lurching good time. This Hallows’ Eve, it’s time for the demons to play!


A note of caution: Come in your goriest or loveliest get-up to avoid being the next target.

Not only that, the best-dressed stand to win cash prizes, Zoukout VIP tickets, flight tickets and more. Entry is not guaranteed if the club is full, so arrive early!

The Scream Diner by Zouk Halloween
29 Oct, 10pm-late
Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim Street
Admission for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $33/$38
Free and priority entry are given to those in FULL costume (pending approval by door attendant)

2. Battle Royale



“Come at me!”

“Why, you…!”

And… that, ladies and gentlemen, is only the beginning.

[caption id="attachment_15843" align="alignnone" width="960"] BattleRoyale on Facebook[/caption]

This year, only one will be crowned the King of The Ring. Fight it out with the biggest and the baddest at Overeasy Orchard.

On this night, unleash your inner Bruce Lee, or channel your trusty WWE champ.

For a touch of the orient, pummel the baddies as Ip Man or Huang Fei Hong. Manny Pacquiao would do too, just power up that devilish glare and turn em’ rivals to stone.

[caption id="attachment_15830" align="alignnone" width="750"]Timeout Singapore Battle Royale by Overeasy
29 Oct, 10pm-2.30am
Overeasy Orchard, 541 Orchard Road #01-01, Liat Towers
Free entry

3. Allevents Cirque Le Soir[/caption]

We dare you to come in your freakiest, most outlandish costume to “outfreak” the freaks!

It’ll be a mystical, bewitching night that’ll haunt your dreams a little longer than eternity.

Cirque Le Soir
Oct 29, 9pm-late
CÉ LA VI, SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands, 1 Bayfront Ave
Purchase online pre-sale tickets at $48, or purchase it at the door at $68 – both options include one premium pour

4. Allevents Atlantis Fright Night

With a name like the Wavehouse, what do you expect? You’re bound to get soaked!

[caption id="attachment_15836" align="alignnone" width="910"]Peatix Atlantis[/caption]

Yes, that means you had better bring along your itsybitsyteenieweenieyellowpolkadotbikini!

Atlantis Fright Night
22 Oct, 6pm-late
Wavehouse Sentosa, 36 Siloso Beach Walk
Early bird entries are priced at $35 and prices at the door are $50
Both include 1 complimentary drink and 3 hours of free flow drinks
Ladies who register on the online guest list get free entry until 10pm

6. icosmosenterprise

Ghost stories are merely tales, aren’t they?

Well… here at *Scape, you’re in for the plot twist of your life! The story is true, and shows how life can truly be stranger, and bloodier, than fiction.

[caption id="attachment_15838" align="alignnone" width="430"]Peatix

Ahoy, ahoy!

Harking back to the 1800s where everyone mysteriously died on the ship, their restless spirits have finally awakened this Halloween. Join them in diabolical revelry, as you gobble and guzzle the night away.

[caption id="attachment_15839" align="alignnone" width="842"]Peatix The Forest: Shanghai Dolly

Ask any traveller worth his salt, and he’ll have you know that one of the spookiest places to get lost in, is the forest. Some might drop the name Aokigahara, while others might rain evil on the Devil’s Tramping Ground (the name says it all), or the demonic Pembrey Woods.

[caption id="attachment_15840" align="alignnone" width="678"]Shanghai Dolly on Facebook Shanghai Dolly on Facebook[/caption]

Inspired by the stuff of nightmares found in cursed forests, Shanghai Dolly brings you into the inky, winding woods this Halloween.

Pray that you don’t get lost, but be warned: Prayer might not work in the forest, where the Heavens can’t hear you scream.

The Forest: Shanghai Dolly
Call 6336 7676 / 9232 4181 to reserve your seats early
Stay tuned to Shanghai Dolly’s Facebook page for more updates

10. Nerf Halloween 2016: Paranormal High School

Your footsteps echo off the deserted hallways that seethe with darkness. Somehow, you can tell that it’s not just the mildew and the mouldering walls, but something older, and angrier.

[caption id="attachment_15867" align="alignnone" width="784"]NerfHalloween on Facebook NerfHalloween on Facebook[/caption]

You are armed with nothing but conviction, and a Nerf gun. Your ammo is running low, and it is hard to see with nothing but the moonlight.

Still, you press on. “All those FPS games had better come in handy now,” you mutter under your breath…

According to rumours, a pair of sisters disappeared in this school, one so notoriously haunted that it’s now known as Paranormal High School. Tonight, it is your duty, to seek this pair of sisters, before the evil in the school gets to you first.

Mortals, dare you brave this school from the bowels of Hell?

Nerf Halloween 2016: Paranormal High School
28 and 29 Oct, 7pm-late
Potong Pasir Community Club, 6 Potong Pasir Ave 2
Early bird promotion is going at $10, and the regular price is $15

The first 150 pax for the early bird registration gets a pack of 10 piece NERF Dart pack sponsored by Hasbro Singapore

To answer your questions, pontianaks do dance and zombies do get woozy after being hit by a tower of alcohol…for these Halloween parties at least!

And the feeling of screaming yourself silly with a bunch of buddies? Absolutely priceless.

Header image source: Knittingzone

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